Learn and Create A Web Page


Learning HyperText Markup Language

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Introducing HTML 3.2 - This is the new version of HTML.
A Beginner's Guide To Homepage Programming by Gregory Nussberger
A Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts - Try this! There is a simple editor for you to practice.
Advanced HTML
Sizzling HTML Jalfreri - Interesting instructions with examples. Check it out!
Bassem's HTML Tutorial - Simple instructions with examples for beginners.
Jonny's HTML Headquarters - Another good HTML guide.
HTML Help - A good collection for those who want to learn and create a website.
Carleton College Library's HTML and Web Site Resource Page - Everything you want to know.
Network Communication Design - Take a look at this wonderful HTML guide.
HTML Goodies - Learn HTML and Java here.
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - If you want to learn and practice HTML before making a real homepage, you should check it out.
Teach Me HTML! - Teaching HTML for all levels.
What's Your Problem ? - Everything you need to know to build a better hompage.

Free Backgrounds

Pam Bytes - Beautiful backrounds.
Cyburbia Image Library - Well organized colection.
Advanced Web Designs - Free beautiful backgrounds.

Free Icons, Images, and Animated Gifs

Debby's Animated Gifs Collection - I got my animated gifs from this site.
Icon Bazaar - You can download a maximum of 20 images (including animated gifs, icons, backgrounds,...etc.)
S. S. Animation - Another good animated gif collection.
The Page - I think I got some animated gifs from here too.
A+ Art - A giant collection of icons, bullets, banners, animated gifs, and backgrounds.
Resources for Icons, Images, and Graphics
Icons and Images - An unbelievable icons and images collection from Canberra University. I don't know if those images are free or not. Check it out yourself!

Free Guestbooks

Lpage - Most people use this guestbook.
Toast - I use this one in my main page.
Alamak - I haven't tried this guestbook, so I don't know how it works.

Free HTML Editors

My Virtual Reference Desk - Bob Drudge's links of free HTML editors and other free stuff.
Home Worlds
Linux/UNIX/XWindows HTML Editors - HTML Editors for Linux, Unix, and XWindows.

Other Free HTML Tools Collection

HyperText Markup Language - Everything you need to create a homepage.
Joost Van Der Drift's HTML Tools Collection - You should take a look at this one too.
Xiaomu Niu's Internet Application Collection for Windows - There are a lot of freeware and shareware in this great and well organized website. Get your HTML editors from here.
M.W.R.J.'s Free HTML Tools Collection

If you think you are ready to build a homepage. Get a free homepage from GEOCITIES or from my Free Stuff colection.


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