My name is Thuc Duong, a student at Lansing Community College. My major is CAD/CAM Engineering Technician. By the end of this year, I will graduate, look for a job as a CAD operator, especially working with Unigraphics, and then transfer to a four year college or university to continue my education.
I was born in Saigon, but grew up in Dong Thap, Vietnam. After four year living in Michigan, I still miss my relatives and friends in Vietnam. I hope I can go back there to visit them soon. I really want to have a friend whose hometown is Dong Thap, but I still can't find one yet. I love surfing the internet, watching movies, hanging out with friends, listening to Vietnamese music, and writing letters for friends in Vietnam. This is the first time I make a homepage, so it looks ugly. I've never taken any classes about creating a homepage. I learn them while playing on the Web. If you have any idea about how to make this homepage look better, please let me know. I really appreciate it.
Well, that's all I can say about me. Thank you for stopping by my homepage. I hope you have a great time.


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