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Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto - Guitars, Composition

Kohshi Inaba - Lead Vocals, Lyrics

Yet another two male JPOP group, but this group is not bad at all. The rock music that B'z can produce is one of the better ones I've heared in Japanese POP. This group surely has talent, and any fan of rock music should check them out.

Check out some of their songs from the album:
B'z: Loose
Released on 22 November 1995
BMCR-7002 by Rooms Records. INC.

yume mi ga oka

(147k, 1min 15ecs, 16 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)
kienai migi
(225k, 1min 42secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)
Love Phantom
(240k, 1min 01sec, 32 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Stereo)

Remember, these are really .mp3 files with a .wav extension, some players may not play them. For a list of players that I know should work with these files click here.

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updated August 11, 1997

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