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Albert VergeldeDios' Home Page

VergeldeDios Family register

HitMan25 does Movies

Junk Mail R US

tribute to "Star Force"


Namie Amuro "body feels x-site"

Namie Amuro "rainy dances"

Lindberg "little precious things"

Lindberg "green eyed monsters"

Shizuka Kudo "Ice Rains"

Chage&Aska "On My Mark"

Globe "Facing the Places"

B'z "Phantoms"

NeoAnime Web Annex

A Wave (Anime songs & music)

Maison Ikkoku Hit Page

Video Girl Ai Hit Page

Neon Genesis Evangelion Hit Page

Kimagure Orange Road Hit Page

Marmalade Boy Hit Page

Tribute to Filipino Comic Books

fiction: "blinded vision"

fiction: "Lights and Shadows"

fiction: "trivial youth"

fiction: "Rainy Skies"

fiction: "Broken radio"

fiction: "Atisia"

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