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 [Chage & Aska]

Chage :
Real Name - Shuji Shibata
Date of birth - 6 Jan 1958
Place of birth - Fukuoka, Japan

Aska :
Real Name - Shigeaki Miyazaki
Date of birth - 24 Feb 1958
Place of birth - Fukuoka, Japan

One of the first "duo male JPOP singers" that was introduced to me three years ago. Chage & Aska have released several studio & live albums, and compilations, since winning Yamaha's Popular Song Contest in 1979. They have established themselves in mainstream Japanese popular music, and are still an influence in today's world.

Chage & Aska have a goal to spread out their music to the whole world, and have worked in many international projects, with Hollywood movies, to other established singers and composers.

Currently, Chage has formed a band called Multi Max, and Aska has developed a solo career.
Their songs have a nice "feel" in them, from love songs, ballads, melodies, to even rock and roll. Truly one of the better JPOP groups that I know.

Check out some of their songs from the album:
Code Name.2 Sister Moon
Released on 22 April 1996
PCCA-00899 by Pony Canyon


(175k, 1min 19secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)
One Day
(177k, 1min 20secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)
N to L no baseball cap
(187k, 1min 25secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)
On Your Mark
(225k, 1min 42secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)

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