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"Facing the Places"
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Tetsuya Komuro - Music
Keiko - vocals
Marc Panther - rapper

Not satisfied with just being the most succesful song writer and producer in Japan, Tetsuya Komuro has created the group simply called "Globe." With their upbeat music and sensous sounds, TK has got himself something good here.

Check out some of their songs from the album:
globe: Faces Places
Released on 12 March 1997
AVCG-70002 by AVEX D.D.,INC

Faces Places

(283k, 1min 37secs, 24 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Stereo)
So far away from home (Beautiful Journey)
(172k, 1min 37secs, 24 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Stereo)
Anytime smokin' cigarette
(242k, 1min 50secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Stereo)
Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
(170k, 1min 17secs, 18 kBit/s, 11,025 Hz, Mono)

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updated August 11, 1997

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