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Japanese Fonts

JLK (ver.1.2) comes with only five Japanese fonts (Osaka, Honmincho, MaruGothic [TrueType] + SaiMincho and ChuGothic [PostScript, available only from CD by custom install]), whereas KanjiTalk (ver.7.5) in addition has four other TrueType fonts (HeiseiMincho, HeiseiGothic, Ryumin, and GothicBBB). There are an abundance of freeware/shareware Japanese fonts to fill the gap, but not many of them look very different from those you already have. Listed below are some of Japanese fonts which I found possibly deviant and practical enough to be added into your Fonts folder. If you know any good Japanese fonts not included here, email me.

Latest version: 2.2

Compared to the neat English system's Chicago typeface, Osaka, the standard typeface of KanjiTalk, is not very pretty, to say the least. If you ever felt Osaka is unlovely or hinjaku or just can't reconcile yourself to the loss of Chicago (^^;;), get Narita font. Narita is a bitmapped font which uses Chicago-like typeface for alphabets and ChuGothic-like typeface for kana and kanji. Use Reliever zeta to reset system font to Narita.

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Latest version: 1.2.0

Hetaji is a Marukan file/Kanji fonts document which functions to replace kana and some other parts of Osaka with more comical, hetatta ones. If you are using Osaka for Application font, this will surely make the atmosphere of your MacOS droll, or less serious, or less sober. ;-) (Note: Hetaji is not the so-called Marumoji)

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Latest version: 0.9

This font is sort of the Japanese version of Old English Text (or should I simply say, "Old Japanese Text"? :-) But it's got rather robust- and sturdy-looking typeface than the elegant and fancy look of Old English Text. Pretty cool, huh?

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Latest version: N/A

Man, this is the coolest Japanese font I have ever witnessed! The authors at the Web Development Team, Yamada Language Center, the University of Oregon, are also making lots of other really cool Japanese kana fonts. So check 'em out too.

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