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Following is the list of shareware/freeware utilities which help improving the performance of JLK. If you know something better than these, email me.

Latest version: 3.1

BeHierarchic is a neat AppleMenue enhancer which replaces AppleMenu Options control panel. What BeHierarchic does in support of JLK is that it lets you change the font used to display the Apple Menue, so that you won't any more be bothered by mojibake caused by default Chicago font (see Problem #1). Combined with RelaxFinger, BeHierarchic makes AppleMenu truely functional.

Latest version: 2.6

Reliever solves most of mojibake caused by JLK as well as those caused even by KanjiTalk. I sincerely hope that the Apple Computerェ will soon buy this fabulous product with fair price to integrate it into the next JLK update (JLK alone can offer too incomplete a Japanese environment to be priced at $149!). Unlike FontPatchin', Reliever zeta is PowerPC native and more compatible with WorldScript-savvy word processors. One little drawback of it is that Reliever zeta cannot perform compound setting (e.g. make Chicago use Osaka instead when it displays Japanese characters) which is possible in FontPatchin'.

Using Reliever zeta, you can change fonts set default by the System with certain Japanese fonts of your choice. My recommendation: First, change System & Application font (whose default is Chicago and Geneva respectively) to Narita and Osaka. Then, also replace Chicago, Geneva, and Monaco with equivalent Japanese fonts individually. Now you must have resolved 95% of mojibake.

NoMeMo Busters
Latest version: 1.7.2

NoMeMo Busters corrects the rest of small mojibake which escaped Reliever zeta, such as hankaku-kana & special character related mojibake occasionally appearing at the end of file names (see Problem #7).

Latest version: 2.0.2

This tiny control panel frees you from the annoying Keyboad Layout/Input Method Rotation problem (see Problem #5).

Latest version: 1.0b6

Farewell to Japanese Language Register! ScriptSwitcher is an application (it only looks like control panel; you don't have to have it in control panel folder at all) which changes all the necessary resources to switch the primary script of your System once and for all (in the case of Japanese, the default font will be Osaka). Unlike Reliever zeta, ScriptSwitcher actually rewrites System software so that you don't have to disable any fonts. Use it carefully and on your own risk. ScriptSwitcher also solves the Blank White Square problem (see Problem #6) And you don't need to keep Japanese Language Kit extension in extension folder anymore.

Latest version: 0.9b2

PrimeScript is an alternative utility to ScriptSwitcher, which changes "the primary script of your System that support multi-bytes languages such as Japanese Language Kit and Chinese Language Kit."

Latest version: 2.1.3

The last resort. You may want to root out mojibaked strings by directly rewriting the STR, #STR and itlc resource of the software's GUI by yourself. If so, ResEdit is the tool you need. You may also want SystemSwitcher to test the newly modified software. For more information on ResEdit, click HERE. HERE is a good referential webpage on how to make English Syetem 7.6 display Japanese texts without JLK. Another webpage HERE does the same thing but with System 7.5.5. Yet another page HERE is about System 7.5.3 Japanization. HERE is a great page which teaches you how to rewrite itlc resource using ResEdit step by step (Please pay the main page a visit as well).

Latest version: Updater 1.1, to 7.5.1

The installer will install files needed by WorldScript technology for users running Mac OS 7.5 and above. Users of the Japanese or applications which depend on WorldScript technology should install these pieces as they improve the stability and performance of your System. QuickDraw GX and Power Macintosh users should upgrade to these pieces as they provide important improvements over previous versions.

Font Extention 3
Latest version: 1.0.4

This extension prevents one cause of a System hang on Systems running Japanese Language Kit 1.2. It is included with the Japanese Language Kit as well as with KanjiTalk. It is supported on the following system software versions: 7.1.2, 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.5.3 and 7.5.5.

FontSize Patch
Latest version: 1.1

FontSize Patch fixes some font corruption problems when using Japanese on KanjiTalk 7.5.3 or later. This includes Japanese Language Kit 1.2 of MacOS 7.5.3 or later.

Language Kit Updater
Latest version: 7.5

This software updates the Japanese Language Kit 1.0 and 1.1 for compatibility with System 7.5. It's only a limited set of files (InputBackSupport, Language Kit Extension, WorldScript II 7.5, WorldScript & Power Adapter 7.5.1) that will enable you to work effectively with your Japanese Language Kit (version 1.0 and 1.1). Therefore, the users of older versions are still recommended to upgrade to JLK 1.2.

Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8
Latest version: 8.0

This Language Kit Updater will update your Apple Language kit for compatibility with Mac OS 8.0 on your Mac OS compatible computer.

IMPORTANT: After the installation of the updater, you must open the Language Kit Additions folder within the Extensions folder and remove all LaserWriter and PrintLib files which have a version earlier than 8.5. Not removing these files can cause the application to unexpectedly quit when you attempt to print. For more information, click here.

If you found typo or mis/outdated-information or expired links or too abstruct/technical description or whatsoever seems wrong, let me know.