The FANFIC!!!! Written By DANfan.

Hello there!!!! DANfan introduces the World to X-Men Vs. Street Fighter: The Fanfic!!! This Story is Based on Capcom's Huge Fighting Game Sensation X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. Since this game had no Storyline to begin with, I will provide you with one!!!! Now, on to the Wildest Crossover you have Ever Seen!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The Street Fighter Characters are Trademarks of Capcom Co. LTD. The X-Men Characters are Trademarks of Marvel Comics LTD and this is not Licensed or Endorsed by both Companies.


For years the Relationship between Humans and "Mutants" has had it's harsh moments. Since the hatred between Humans and Mutants has gone So out of hand, Professor Charles Xiaver Had a Dream.... That one Day Humans and Mutants can live in Harmony Without Bloodshed between each other. He opened a School... The Xiaver School for the "Gifted" to not only Teach Mutants to Control their Powers, but to also train them for the Harsh Mission that lies ahead.... to Protect Earth and Mutants from all that Threaten their livelihood. Thus the Heroes known as the Uncanny X-Men Were born!!!!

Now however, Charles Xiaver and his X-Men Will know full on the Power of Ki, or the Inner Power within Humans, Head on. and It will all Start with two Street Fighters... Both Travel on Different Paths, Yet So Similar in Philosophys.

CHAPTER 1: Not Your Average New York Tourists

New York City doesn't see that much when It Comes to Action and Adventure Outside the City but this Day was The Start of an Adventure these Two Street Fighters Would never Forget. "What's Taking so long for Baggage Ken?" Ryu Said in Disgust, This was his First time in New York, Considering that 2 Years ago he Shocked the World by beating then-Street Fighter Champion Sagat and Became a legend in his Own Right. He was invited to the New T.V. Show "Dead or Live" Along with Ken to Compete for the Prize of 20 Grand, a Lot of money offered for a Mere Game Show. "Ryu Wait the Hell up!! I got your Baggage!!! Why Don't you Put some Identification on your Duffle Bag? Ya know you Could've lost it?" Ken Said. Ken was Ryu's Friend, Always had since they Both Trained Together Under the Guidance of Shotokan High Master Goutetsu. "Sorry Ken, I haven't Flied that much in the Past Years, I have been Mostly Training up." Ryu Replied to Kens Comment. "I could Understand That Ryu, But next time be Careful!! This is New York, The Big Apple, People get Robbed almost Everyday!!!! You got to learn Ryu that This is A Big City, a Lot Bigger than Back Home in Seattle!!!" Ken Told Ryu, But Then Ryu Replied "Then How do you know this? A Black Mind and Black Hearts Think Alike." Ryu was always Famous for Giving Philosophies Every time Ken would make A Comment that, He thought, Wasn't deemable. Ken Blanly Replied "Well, This is New York Ryu, Ya know, Mugging Captial of the World?". Ryu Said in his usually Serious Tone "Ken, You never please to Amaze me!! So, What do we do next?" Ryu Said to Ken and Soon Ken Responded "The First Obvious Thing.... Call a Taxi!!!".


The Two Street Fighters were Being Seen Though a Camera Panel Unseen by anyone in the Airport. Soon, the Hulking Figure of the Apocalyse would Speak "Excellent!!" Spoke The Apocalypse in a Bellowing low Voice "These Two Young Men will be perfect for my Plan to Rid the Earth of the Pests known as the Human Race!!! Now all I need is some pawns in my Game.... Some Men As Strong as these Two Little Insects!!! If my Plan of Using The Sixth Sense within The Human Race and Release The Sixth Sense To the World, I will Enjoy Watching Earth Turn into nothing but a Rock Floating though a Galaxy!!!" Soon Apocalypse's Camera Would Zoom in On These Two Individuals... The Two men that Would Decide the Fate of The Human Race!!!!!


Ryu and Ken Got to their Hotel and Boy was it one!!!! Ryu had never seen this much Riches in his Whole life, Considering that He doesn't intend to Die a Rich man. "Isn't this Great Ryu?" Ken Said, "Were Staying in the Hilton!!! Man I can't belive the Guys at the Show could Afford Such Riches!!!". Ryu Responded With another Philosophy "Ken, A Rich man Doesn't need Gold To prove he's Rich, but to Show True Compassion towards Others that Does." "Your Starting to Piss me off Ryu!!!" Ken Said, Since he didn't like Ryu always Philosiphing his Whole life. Ken Soon Responded with "Man, I wish Eliza was here, she would've Loved it here!!!" Ryu, Being the Usual Party Spoiler, Said "Well, I'd better be resting up. If I'm going to See you In that T.V. Show tommorow I got to Be Alert!!" Ryu Said to Ken. Ken Retorted, Saying "Hell No Ryu!!! I haven't seen what New York has to offer yet!!! I wanna Check out the Mall Right Across the Street Tonight Before it closes So I can Buy a Souvenir for Eliza!!!" "Ken." Ryu Said Afterwords "You never Attempt to amaze me!!!!"

CHAPTER 2: Mall Mayhem!!!

Ryu and Ken Made it to the Mall, "Ken, What is this Type of place?" Ryu Said. Ryu had never Seen a Mall before, He heard about them but He never seen one of them. "Ryu, this is a Mall, where people Shop for Clothes, Food and More!!!" Ken Replied and Soon Ryu said "Food huh? What do they have here?" "Well Ryu" Ken Said "You like Pizza?" "Pizza?! Don't they have some Good Sushi here?" Ryu Said in Response.

It had been over two Hours and Ryu was Getting Quickly Bored with this "Mall" Business. Ken Soon Came back with A lot of Bags and A lot of Clothing, "WHEW!!!" Ken Exahusted, "Shoppings a Bitch but hell if it will make my Eliza Happy it would Work!!!" "Ken" Ryu Said, "You need help with that?" "No thanks Ryu!!! You didn't help me look for these Clothes!!! I spent over a Half hour at the GAP looking for Stuff for Eliza!!" Ken Said in an Angry Tone.

Unknowing to Ryu and Ken, a Mysterious Man was Following them.... He had Long Sideburns and Wore a Brown Denim Jacket. He heard of these two Guys.... "Maybe these Runts are Mutants" The Man Said. He heard of Martial Artists Before.... But also heard about these Guys, The Guy with a Headband Throws Fireballs, and the Blond one Could Produce Fire in his Hands!!!! Could these Guys Be Mutants? Could they Be Children of the Atom? the Man Still thought about that untill....

A Bunch of Foot Soldiers Broke into the Mall "This Area is Now Property of Shadowlaw and the Almighty Master!!! Lord M. Bison!!!" The Foot Soldiers Shouted. Ryu and Ken Couldn't belive their eyes!!! Bison Following them to New York? Impossible!!! Bison Has had this Obsessive Craving to Kidnap Fighters and Use their Ki Power for his Sick and Twisted "Experiments" To increase his "Psycho Power" Which was So Powerful that Any Weaker man than him Died in his Power!!!! Soon a Young looking Girl Walked Into the Mall and the Girl Said "Please Rise for Your Future Ruler.... LORD M. BISON!!!" Soon the Soldiers Filled the Air with Chants of "BISON BISON BISON!!!" Soon the man Walked into the Area, A man who's Costume was a Reminisent of a Regulation Nazi Uniform that was Red and had Metal Boots and Shoulder pads and A Dark Cloak, Soon the Man would Speak "I come here before you the New Ruler of a New Order of the World!!!!". "I, You new Lord and Ruler, Seeks the Knowledge of a One Professor Charles Xaiver!!!!" "What do you want Bison" Ryu shouted, Ryu Never was the Heroic Type in Situations like this but when push came to shove, Ryu would respond in a heroic tone "That's Taking it to the limit Ryu!!!" Ken Shouted, Ken and Ryu first encountered Bison when he asked them to join Shadowlaw back in China two years ago but both men Refused. Athough both Ryu and Ken fought Bison Single-handedly, they both Fell to his power. "Well now, what do we have here!!" Bison said "The Legendary Street Fighter Ryu and his Stooge Friend Ken Masters!!!!! I didn't know you two would be here!!!!!" "Yeah, like your sorry ass was expecting us ether!!!!" Ken Shouted, Ken loved to be the Toast of the Town, and If he could save New York from a Psycho like Bison he would be very rewarded!!!! "Well now, I was looking for Charles Xaiver but I could enjoy a little bit of Amusement before I visit him So..... GUARDS ATTACK THEM!!!!!" Bison said as his eyes Glowed to a Sickly Blue Glow.

Ryu soon responded "Who's this Charles Xaivier? What do you want with him Bison!!!!!" Ryu said but before he could get his answer, He was Hit in the Back of the Head by a Metal Bat by one of Bison's Guards and laid unconsious. Soon Bison said "Cammy, Dispose of Ken Masters!!!" and Cammy Responded like a Programmed Robot the Phrase "Yes Sir!!!!!". Cammy Soon Blazed out as she Said "Cannon Drill" as her Body was Filled with the Same Blueish Glow that Bison's Eyes Produced. Ken saw that Coming and he Said "Shoryuken!!!!" as his Fists turned to pure Fire and Hit Cammy!!!! Soon Cammy Would Jump into the Air and Say "Locking On!!!" as she Hit Ken Repeatedly in the Air, Ending with a Hurakanrana Throw. Ken Was Very Shaken by the Move and Said "Alright Bitch!!!! You want me, you got me!!!!". Cammy Soon Said "Destroy Buster!!!!" And Soon Rushed Ken with her Cannon Drill but Ken Blocked that as she Flew to the Air with her Cannon Spike. Ken Knew this was his Oprotunity to get her in the Open and Soon Ken said "Here we Go...... SHINRYUUUUUKEN!!!!!!". A Column of Fire Surrounded Ken As he hit Cammy Repeatedly in the air and soon Cammy Fell to the Ground unconsious.

After that little bit of Carnage that Ken Brought, Ryu regained Consiousness and Said "Whoa!!! That's some Wake up call!!! and Soon Bison said "Well Welcome back to the Living Ryu!!! How would you like me to end your stay?". "Well, I'm kinda happy staying here thank you!!!" Ryu responded "Hmm... that bat Should've Taken a Mere Man to his Grave!!!! Ryu, You ain't some Mere Man Huh? Well Take this!!!!" Bison Said in an Evil Tone and Soon Bison's Hand would Glow Immensly and Said "Hows about a Taste of my Psycho Cannon?" Soon his Hand Produced a Big Ball of Pure Energy and Released it on Ryu!!!! Ryu Soon Jumped in the Air Like a Super Man and Said "Hey Bison, Is that the Best you Can Do?". Soon Bison Jumped in the Air again and Said "yeah, I can Do a lot Better..... PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!!". Soon, Bison's Body Would Glow Into the Blue Glow that was Produced in his Eyes and Rushed at Ryu In a Very High Speed!!!! Ryu Tried to Get his Newly Trained Aerial Rave Hadoken in but He Couldn't get it in time as Bison Hit him with the Psycho Crusher.

"Ha ha ha!!! Weaklings!!!! Now you Insulent Fools Dug your own Graves!!!" Bison said as Ken Ran Up to Ryu's Fallen Body and Screamed "RYUUUUUUU!!!!!" and Ken Soon Responded in anger "Bison!!! You are Never Satisfied untill you Kill Everyone!!! You will pay For this!!!!" and Bison Shook off the Insult and Said to Ken "Ken Masters.... Talk to the Hand Cause the Mouth ain't moving for crap!!!!" and he Rose his Hand But soon a Voice was Heard and it said "Hey Captain Stubig, Eat this!!!" and the man Who was Following Ken and Ryu Jumped Out at Bison but this Time he had Metal Claws Sticking out from his Knuckles!!!! "What the Hell?" Ken Said in Amazement as the Man Started Fighting Bison Ferociously like a Savage Animal. Soon the Man Tried to Stab Bison but Soon Bison said "heh heh, You will never Kill me Mutant Scumb bucket!!!" and The Man Stabbed Bison but it was one of his Clones as Bison said "See you around Ken Masters..... And that won't be for Long!!!!" and He Did A Psychotic laugh as He Warped out of the Building along with his Entourage.

"He's Still Breathin'" Said the Man who helped Ken, Ken Said "Thanks Man, Even though your a Mutant." Then the Man Said "Well I hear you don't like Mutants, well we Don't much like you!!!" and then Ken Said "Very Funny Man!!!! What's your name?" Ken said to the Man and the Man Said "Logan, that's all ya need ta know. You Ken Masters Huh?" "Ummm Yeah, How do you know my Name?" Said Ken and Logan Said "Professor X Said alot about you. Now he needs to Rest up, Why Don't ya Stay with me at The Mansion?" and Ken Responded with Enthusiasm "MANSION?! I'd Love to!!!!" And Then Logan Said to himself Softly "Tell anyone about a Freakin Mansion, they think of the Playboy Mansion!!!!" and Then Logan Said "C'mon Blondie, Get in my Jeep and We'll go there!!!" and Then Ken Said "Blondie? I resent that Remark!!" and Then Logan Said "Put the Guy in my Backseat, he'll be fine there." and then Ken Said "Okay, But you'll hate em when he Gets up... Kinda Cranky!!!"


Ken and Logan made it to the Mansion "Cool Dibs man." Said Ken, Now after getting your ass beaten by about 50 Shadowlaw Soldiers, This was a great breather for Ken. "Hey blondie, you can make yourself at home..... Just don't go Snoopin' around here!!!!" Said Logan and then Ken Responded "No Problem Logan, but what about Mr. Ass kicked in the Back seat here?" "Well" Logan Said "Let the Guy Rest up, While were here, Let's meet the Professor." "Professor?" Ken Said, "I remember Bison Say something about 'Meet a Professor Charles Xaiver' or something like that." "Well, your gonna meet him in da flesh Blondie" Logan Said then Ken said "Please, it's Ken or Mr. Masters to you!!!!"

"Well..... Ken, here we are, The Proffessor Xiaver School for the Gifted" Logan said then Ken Said "So, where's the Wildlife?" then Logan said, "Don't push it!!!!" Soon a Man with Brown hair approched them and had a Strong Cajun Accent "E'llo again Loo Gaun" Said the Man "Who dis guy that Gambit like meet?" Said the Brown haired man and Logan Said "This here is Ken Masters, his Buddy here was Roughed up Big time, these Dudes got some Wierd Stuff I seen, this Guy can Produce fire though his hands!!!!" Gambit soon recounted and said "Wha? Where be dis man?" Then Logan said "He's in the Back Seat of my Hummer, Go Check him Out Cajun!!!"

Soon they Went to the Back Seat and Saw Ryu Still unconsious "Mon Ami Got Beaten like an Egg no?" Said Gambit. "Well the Runt got Skill, lets take him To Da Proffessor and Lets See what he has to say about him." Said Logan then Gambit Said "Den Why is Dis Guy here? Ya know The Rules Loo Gaun!!!" "I Just told you!!!! This Guy can Produce Fire in his Frickin Hands!!!!" Logan Retorted then Gambit Said "Fire Eh? Gambit Gotta See It to Belive It, C'mon Ken, Let Gambit So You da place eh?"

Ken Couldn't belive His Eyes when he saw the Mansion. It looked like a Shabby old Dump "If this place is a Mansion, Where's all the Servants and Stuff?" Ken said then Gambit Said "Hey Mon Chere We Can't get 'very ting we Want no!!!" Just then a Vulumpous Woman who had Long Brown Hair with a White Hair Streak Came into the Room, She was Wearing a Green Suit and a Brown Jacket and Soon the Woman said in a Thick Southern Accent "So, who Brought the Guys into the House?" Soon Gambit Said "Chere, Dis Be Ken Masters, his Friend Is Beatin' up Good" then the Woman said, "Cajun!!!! Ya know We can't let non-Mutants into the Mansion!!!! They Could be Anti-Mutant Millitants!!!! the Proffessor Said that!!!!" Said the Woman but Soon Logan Said "Hey Rouge, this Kid's Got Som' Wierd Stuff and He Claims he's not A Mutant!!!!! I decided to Go and let the Proffessor Look at him!!!!" "Ya know Sugah" Said Rouge "You Not so Cute yourself!!!" Then Ken Said "So, Whats a Good looking Woman like yourself Doing in a Place like this?" Then Rouge said in a Very Dainty Voice "Well I hate to Admit it, but The Reason I'm Here Is Cause I can't Touch a Person or else I absorb their Memories and When It comes to Mutants, I absorb their Powers Too." "That Sucks" Said Ken In a Very Sentimental Tone "You Never Got Some then? That REALLY Sucks!!!!" "I beg ya Pardon Sugah?" Said Rouge and then Ken Said "Oh Sorry!!!! I didn't mean to offend you!!! Say, lets just find this Proffessor and Find a place for my friend to rest."

Ken and Logan Carried the Unconsious Ryu's Body as Gambit was Saying "Damn, Dis Guy Be Heavy No?" and Ken Said "Ya right, He's Gotta lay off the extra Sushi!!!!!" then Logan Said "Hey Ken, Ya know, How did ya learn how to do that Stuff, ya know the Fire and Stuff?" then Ken Said "Anchient Japanese Secret!!!!!!"

Soon they Entered the Main Hall of the Mansion and it wasn't like the Living Room, It was more Technology-Enhanced "Who Created this place, Little Green Martians?" Said Ken "Well Rookie, Ask the Big Blue Hairy Monkey in this House." Said Logan and Ken Said "Talking Blue Ape? Damn this is a Wierd Place!!!" Just then, a Blue-Apeish Looking Man Came up to Ken and Said "Hello, I'm Henry McCoy, Rouge Told me about you and Your Friend, Can I please look at him?" Said McCoy and Ken Said "Ok Monkey Boy!!!!" And McCoy Said "I resent that Remark!!!!" and Soon Logan Wispered "hey rookie, don't try to be a smart-ass while your here!!!"

Ken and Logan Carried Ryu's Unconsious Body to a Doctor-Like Room in the house as Henry McCoy Checked up on Ryu. a Few Hours Later, Henry McCoy Said "I see, your Friend here has a Bad Cuncussion and is Temporaraly Comatose. He May have to rest for the Night and I'll have to Check on him constantly to see any Progress in him." Then Ken Said "Will he Be Alright?" and McCoy Said, "Yes, there is no Signs of Swelling in the Brain and Other Abnormalities, Strange, Wasn't your Friend Hit with a Metal Bat?" Then Ken Said "Yes he Was, Man, I wonder If you Give Your Patients Lollipops or a Piece of your Hair when the Check-Up is over?" And McCoy Said "Mr. Masters, You Should Consider a Job as A Comedian someday. A Great man once said 'Laughter is the best medicine'." and Ken Said "Maybe I Should.... Maybe I should". Then Logan Said "I hate To Burst yo' Bubble Kid, but it's Getting Late, Want Me To Take ya To ya Room?" And Ken Said "Nah, I'll stay here with Ryu and See if there's any Progress with him." and McCoy Said "Great, But Make Sure he Doesn't Go Snooping Around here and Please, if you ever need me, Give me a Call ok!!! well We Got to be getting some sleep Logan. Well it was a pleasure Meeting you Mr. Masters, Good night" and Then Ken Said "Good Night Mr. McCoy." as Ken Stayed with Ryu the Whole Night.

CHAPTER 4: Danger Room Damage!!!

Ken was Fast asleep In the Early Morning Hours as Ryu Got up "Man, What a Headache!!!" Ryu said, He soon wondered where he was now "Where am I? What is this place?" and then he Tried to Wake up Ken "Ken, Ken, Wake up!!! What is this place? Aw man, he's Fast Asleep!!!! I got to see what this place is!!!"

Ryu was walking wobblely out of his bed and through the mansion as he tried to figure out where he was. "This looks like a secret American Millitary stronghold!!!" and then Ryu thought Is me and Ken Kidnapped by Bison? if we are I hope I can find a way to escape!!!! and Soon he saw a Big metal Door, Since he was so dizzy from the Metal Bat and the Psycho Crusher, He couldn't see the sign by the Door that said "DANGER ROOM: UNAUTHORIZED USERS KEEP OUT!!!" "I wonder if this is an Escape Route?" and then he pushed a Button on the Door and and a Voice Came out "Please Punch in a code Number." and Ryu said "Code Number? Alright lets see" and then he unknowingly entered the Numbers 264 on the Number Punchcode and then the Voice said "You have Chosen Tranning Mode Number 264: Battle In the Savage Land, Please Enter with Caution, Training Begins in 5 Minutes!!!" then Ryu Said "Training? What is this??" then Ryu finally saw the Danger Room Sign and Said "Ok, Big Mistake on my part, but if it said it's time to Train, lets go!!!!"

As Ryu Entered the Danger Room, he was still wobblely from the Attack from Bison. Ryu Thought to Himself "Damn, I don't know what this is, But if it's Bison's Training Facility I'd Better Stand Guard!!!!". Soon The Room Would Turn into a Rain Forest around him "What??? A Rain Forest?? What the Hell is this???" but as Soon as he was Ready to Get out, a Giant Trannosaurus Rex Lunged at Ryu, "HOLY CRAP!!!" Screamed Ryu as he was Being Chased!!!!! Ryu then calmed down and Stopped Running and Decided to take Matters into his Own Hands "Hmm... Training Facility Huh? Then this must be an Illusion!!!! But I wont Chance it!!!!" And then he Shouted "HADOKEN!!!" as his Hands Produced An Engery Force in his Hands and the Dinosaur Broke in Half with Wires Protuding from it!!!! It was a Robot!!!! But before Ryu could feel Calm and a little safe, He was Surrounded With Hundreds of Robot Dinosaurs around him!! They Surrounded him as he Wondered what to do after all these Dinosaurs. Ryu then thought "Well, I got Pulled into this Mess, I'd might as Well pull myself out of it..... SHINKUUUUUU TSUMAKISENPUKYAKU!!!!!" and Soon Ryu Spun around with his Hurricane Kick and Produced a Vaccuum of Air Around his Body and Sucked all of the Robot Dinosaurs Around him and Destroyed them one by one!!!

As Ryu was Decimating the Robot Dinosaurs, Ken Woke up "Hey, What's The Hold up??" as Ken Wondered what was that sound. Ken Heard Screaming and Unusual Roaring "What's the Deal??? Who's making the Monster Movie without me as the Star???" Ken Wondered. Ken then Tried to wake up Ryu But he wasn't in the Bed, "Ryu, Where Did ya Go Dude?" Ken Said to himself as he Started To find out the Source of the Loud noises. Ken Ran and Ran Looking for the Source until he came to the Danger Room as he noticed the sounds getting louder. Ken came over the Room to Try to Open it but it said "Room Currently in Use By: Unknown" "Unknown???" Ken Cried... "RYU!!!! Oh no!! In his Condition, he Could Die!!!!!" and Then He Decided to enter the Room. Ken Then Said "Shoryuken!!" as he Broke through the Door and Entered the Danger Room

Ken entered the Room to a big Surprise "Welcome to Jurassic Park" Ken Joked as he saw the Trees and Dinosaurs In the Distance. Then he Heard a Loud "Hadoken" in the Distance when he realized something, "It's RYU!!!!" Said Ken as he Rushed over to find him.

After Searching for 3 Minutes Ken Saw Ryu, but as soon as he got there, Ryu Fainted, "Oh NO!!!" Ken Shouted "You Killed Ryu.... You Bastards!!!" and then a Faint Voice was heard "What's going on???" as the Danger Room Said "Danger Room Has Been Shut Down, it is safe to leave" and a Man with a Blue Suit and wierd Shades showed up, "Hello, I'm Scott Summers, But you can call me Cyclops for short. What's your name and what are you doing here???" Then Ken Said "I'm Ken Masters, Fighting Warrior Supreme, and thanks to your Death-Trap, my Buddy here Ryu's once again one step closer to going to the great beyond!!!" and soon Cyclops said "Well, First off, the Danger Room is not intended for people unprepared for it, it's very dangerous. Second, I've never seen you or your friend before so why are you here???" Ken Responded in a angry tone "Listen 3 eyes, my buddy here was just resting up from a big ass-whoopin' from Lord M. Bison in the Mall down the Road and now he's Beating badly because of some Egg-head's Machinery!!!!" "M. Bison??? Who's that??" Cyclops Responded and Ken Said "Some guy who makes Norman Bates look Sane, he's a Complete Loon!!!" and Cyclops said "Well, now that you know what this place is, you should never come here unless your properly Prepared for it." and then Ryu meraculiously Got up Shook his Head and Said "Ugnhhhh Ohhh...... That's some Cocktail!!! Hey Ken, Where did you come From??? and Who's this???" and Ken Responded, "This is Cyclops Man, Damn, you got some Heavy Duty guts to do this man, C'mon, let's get you rested up and let's Tour this place properly." Then Ryu Said "Are We Captured Ken???" and Ken Said "No man, we're in safe hands here." and Ryu said "Thanks, man Training brings up an Appetite, You got some food here Super Action Hero???" and Cyclops said "Yeah, Let's eat some food, then we'll properly introduce ourselves."

However, someone was watching that whole Fiasco with Ryu "Hmm... This man would be perfect for my Plan... I THE APOCALYPSE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!


After their breakfast, Ryu was Introduced to all the other X-Men and soon said "Well, it's great that there is a School For training people like yourselves how to control your powers, Me and Ken had the Same Dilemma a Few years ago when we both went out to search for a way to be the greatest Fighters in the World." then Ken Interupted and said "Well, now that my Buddy Ryu has had a Major Smorgasborg, We'd really like to go now, besides, Tonight me and Ryu are gonna Fight on that new T.V. Show 'Dead or Live'." But then Logan Said "Not So Fast ya Bums, First off, why did that reject from the Military Academy attack You Two off guard at tha Mall Yesterday????" and then Ken said "Well, Bison has always tried to Find a Way to kick our asses now and then, It comes with the territory I guess!!" and then Logan said "Stay for a While, you said that Bison was looking for da Professor, say now, if the Professor Probed your mind, he'd really learn something about this Bison guy." and then Ken Said "Probed???? Your not gonna Probe me!!! I heard of guys getting Probed in the ass, so Don't let me have one of those!!!!" and Then Cyclops said "Don't worry, it's Totally Safe from your Prospective, it's just that if the Professor suffers Too much Stress from it, it could be damaging to your Mind as well as his, in other words.... SAFETY COMES WITH A PRICE." and then Ryu said "Yes, I understand that."

Soon the Professor Entered the Room "Hello Ryu and Ken, I am Professor Charles Xaiver, I am pleased to meet you both" and then Ryu said "It's a Pleasure to meet you Mr. Xaiver." And then Ken Said "Whoa!!! Cool Ride Man!!! Does that thing have a CD Player???" and Professor X Said "Umm... Mr. Masters, This is Serious Business!!! I don't know what this Bison person wants with me, for all I'm Concerned, he could be out to kill me!!! That's why I need to Probe your Minds to see how Ruthless this man is." and Then Ryu Said "I Volunteer for the Probing Mr. Xaiver. Besides, if you don't know what Bison Looks like, you may never regret to know what he looks like." and then Professor X Said "Thank you Ryu, I admire your bravery."

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