Do you know what is Print Club? This is an interesting machine that you will fall in love with! It's originally from Japan but this trend comes to our place, Hong Kong, as well.

We formed Stickers'Club because we have been addicted to it and we always visit Print Club together. Some of us take it mostly everday. We'd love to share our happiness from Print Club and show our collection to you!^_^

To begin with,let us introduce ourselves first. We are some teenagers in Hong Kong. We study in the same school, same form and even same class! To know more about us, check out Our Personal Information

Of course you can't miss our funny,pretty and interesting Collection. Our collection include Chibi Maruko-chan, Moomin Valley, Heidi, Doraemon, Tetsuwan Atomu and so on. All are our favourite cartoons!

Besides visiting Print Club, we have fun together always,take a look in our Memory Book and you will know what Stickers'Club members have done!

Hope you enjoy in Stickers'Club. Which is your favourite print club? Do you like our homepage?Please sign our Guestbook to tell us all about it!!

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PS:Here is a link to My Class Hompage. It shows my class photos, classmates' and teachers' information and many other pictures. Go and see it!!


This page is created by Sandra in March,1998.

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Especially Thanks to Nataku and Jo!!^_^


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