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Please step through the time gate and enter Haven--the realm of the mysterious Sailor Pluto.... Setsuna has set a place of honor for you. All time has slowed down within this sanctuary so that you can browse and enjoy this site to your heart's content!

Welcome to my site! I love Sailor Moon and have spent lots of time working on this site (and collecting some cel!). I'm a fine art illustrator and metalsmith and have just started taking pottery lessons. Please sign my guestbook and visit my cel page. Also make sure you check back often. Updates are always happening!

Sailor Pluto's Bio Want to know more about the green-haired senshi? You've found the place!
Manga Pics Page Updated!!! Pics, pics, and more of those lovely manga pics of ALL the senshi!
My Cel Page Updated!!! My collection of anime cels from Sailor Moon, Arslan, Last Unicorn, AMG, etc. etc. etc.
Fanfic and Fanart Updated!!! Click to see a poem. More coming soon! I'm also trying my hand at cel making. :)
Planet Pluto Learn more about Setsuna's Favorite Planet!
Passage of Time Think you know about time? Go here to find out!
Fan Quiz The Top 10 Ways to Know You're REALLY A Sailor Pluto Fan!
Awards I've won! See all the pretty awards this site has won! Thanks!
Links Here are some of my FAVE websites!
Web Rings Updated!!! Web Rings I've joined!
Unicorn Hatchling Updated!!! Click here to see my new pet!
Quick Reference Section A helpful resource guide for web-building/HTML newbies, like me! Need a helping hand? Go here!

NEWS I've just updated the cel page. Keep an eye out for some major revisions there!!! I've also met Sailor Pluto's #1 fan ... check out the poll, this person fits many (including #1) criteria!!! I'm also working on some awards to give out. (I'm sure I might regret doing it once I start but I figure I'll give it a try.) ~_* Once I have them done I'll set up a page for them for your viewing pleasure. I've decided to give up on the poll idea. I'm going to think up some other fun moonie thing to do instead. And if anyone out there wants to contribute to my Fanfic (or fanart) page PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email me!

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