Welcome To My Home Page! (Sorta updated August 9, 1999)

Well hi yall,Jonathan Murray Here in Florida... Fun in the sun, girls on the beach and a new school year ominously approaching us at lightning speed. Needless to say anyone who reads this will agree that summer was too short. I havent updated this page in a while because my computer was down. Oh well... More in about 2 days! Later It's different being down here the air is heavy and there are creatures running everywhere!... If anybody reads this PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT ******** boxer_puppy@hotmail.com ********... I will put up pictures of my new school and where I live later! Hope to hear from you soon! These are pictures from Hannah's party and some other various things I put up***COMMING SOON!**** Janette's Pool Party, Last Few days of school Pictures, Ben Tyson's Caroling Party Pictures, Advance Pictures, etc... etc... etc... There are a lot of pictures I still have to put up... They should be up around June 17th or so... There also are teacher caught-in-the-act pictures such as Miss Woodland Chewing gum and blowing bubbles...etc etc see you soon.....

Jonathan Murray's PCS 10th Grade Pictures!

Hi! Welcome to my homepage!
Jonathan Andrew Murray's PCS Pictures

PCS 10th grade Pictures

Click any image you wish to preview. Although I'll get them right-side-up soon!


Jonathan Murray's ECS Pictures ECS Pictures!

Hi I'm waxon.
I signed up on 05/18/98 18:05:25, but have not moved in yet.
Please come back soon and visit me. when I fully arrive... Hey Anyone who goes to Plumstead Christian School E-mail me and say HI! waxon@bigfoot.com fmurray@bciu.k12.pa.us JAM1@Bigfoot.com pcs6@hotmail.com wm2330@hotmail.com webmaster_@iname.com etc etc etc

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