Queen Maab

This as you may already know is Queen Maab. She is the Queen Mage of Benwick. Her's is a sad and long story. Shall we start at the beginning of it lets do.

Many ages ago, longer then I can remember Magic has been around and was vary powerful and evil at one point. This is what I call the Dark ages of Magic. The Mages where all evil, but some were kind. In this time a vary powerful wizard wanted to creat a leader that would lead the Mages and there evil ways. He creat a baby along with two other mages, made of pure magic and nothing else. The child was to be raised in the evil ways.

One day in the spring about a month after the wizards had made the child, the good and kind mages found out about it. But with the child being made of magic she had grown into a lady vary fast and had a cold heart when they found her. They took her away and tryed to teach her to be kind to others. But the evil had taken it's toll on her. One day as the lady was riding down the road she came upon a book "Romeo and Juliet" she read the book and was sadden by the tail and yet fascinated at the part about the farries and there Queen. So she named herself after the queen in the story, but to add to the name and make it more original she added an extra "A" to the name Mab, making it Maab. That day Maab went back to her home with the good mages and felt happy for the first time. She had to ask them about this strange new feeling that had come over her. The mages where delited to here that she was happy and told her that is how they felt all the time. Maab then decided that from then on her life would be set out to do good for this world.

The evil mages where outraged and wanted rid of Maab, and her good ways for they had created her to do evil things not nice things. So they came up with a plan to get the whole world to forget about magic so it would kill all the mages good and bad and put this stupied fighting to an end. They went about killing off the weak mages and the one's with some mortal in them, the ones that have mortal in them are there because some mages got together with mortals and their kids have both magic and mortal in them but on with our story. So they killed off the weak and then came the problem of the stronger ones whitch some of the mortals also fit into. The battle was on so to speak. They tryed their vary best to get rid of them but failed. They gave up for now so they could get their strength back, for the three who made Maab where still weak.

Maab was tought three ways of doing magic and none of those stupied leaves. She was tought to do Magic my word, which is the simplest form. By hand, and the most hardest of them all by pure thought. dosn't it scare you to know that someone can kill you just by thinking it. She was tought through the day and through the night. For being made of magic she would never need food, sleep, or any rest at all except for certin points if she did certin things which we will get to. Maab retains her beauty with a vary powerful speel cast a long time ago.

With the evil mages resting for there thousand year sleep, Maab was free to dao as she wished. She came to be good friends with the King of Benwick Ban, and the rest fo his kingdom. He had asked her to join but with no guidence in this sort of thing she didn't know what to do. So she found some more books in the Library about life and a things about it. She learnd these things and used them to help her make her choice. She went back to Ban and told him she would join. Ban made her the Queen Mage and left her to do a good job as he knew she would. She went on with her job. Then one day when she returned she herd that the King had died and his Grandson Galahad would be taking over the Kingdom. Maab was shocked and for the first time sad. She wished she could have been there to save Ban, but fait will have it's way with life. She followed Galahad and still does to this day. She leads this kingdom beside Galahd and his new wife Victorea throw peace and war, through the good times and the bad times. and this brings as almost upto date. After Ban died Maab decided that she didn't like the sad feeling inside of her. She stopped drinking and only drinks tea, coffee, and mocha (and sometimes hot chocolate with marsh mellows on top) now. She figured out more of life sitting silently and demurely listening to others problems and solveing them in her head. ONe night She came across a Lord Rohan. A strong Mage with the smallest touch of mortal to him. They fell in love and got married, and later had a son who Maab named Wickler. Shortly after Maab's marrige her husband went away one importent trips. Maab is not one to lose hope so she waited for her husbands return, and he always came back. And being a mage she could see right down into his soul and knew he wasn't running about with someone else. But she left the reason he left alone.

One day he went away and did not come back and has not come back to this day. Wickler has grown fast and the magic withen him has grown strong. He is a perfect Gentleman. Sir Galahad our King was so Kind as to give him the Farmlands Wethermore which is too the north of the main castle and let him be the duke. Maab is also the Mother of Leatha and Lora (both adopted, but like her own). Lora was found in the dark kingdom, in Atlantica on a ship that was bound for Benwick but forced off course. Leatha asked Maab to be her mother to her and her brother Tim. Maab being the kind person she is said yes for it wouldn't be that much trouble. Now back to Maab's real son. When Maab was having her son it only took three months till he was born. He was like his mother a strong mage, but with the little bit of mortal to him this brings him down some. Wickler when he was being made inside his mother took up a lot of her magic so much as to the point she had to stop casting spells even simple ones. She could not do anything with magic for fear of hurting her son. And with her son being there, that's one more reason to stop drinking . Now we leave you to find out the rest on up from this day forth.

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