Ranma 1/2

    What is Ranma 1/2? From the episode titles, you might get the idea it's a comedy. You'd be... well, half-right. Wacky humor, romance, and the search for true happiness all characterize this fantastic series about a teenage matrial artist cursed to spend half his life as a girl. Life's hard enough with a permanent gender identity crisis without the countless fiancées, old "friends" out for blood, kidnappings, strange monsters, and magic permeating life!

    Sadly, other concerns have taken over my life, as you may have surmised from the staleness of these pages. This change is merely a "keep-alive" ping so that Geocities does not delete the site, in case I am more free. Even then, I suspect that without extensive work, this site should be considered "noise", as Ko-chan would put it.

       My writings
         Fanfiction, serious thoughts, and other miscellaneous stuff.

       Anything-Goes Arts and Crafts
         Anything-Goes Origami, Costuming, and more!

       Futaba-kun Change!
         A review of the manga Futaba-kun Change!
      Also, comparing and contrasting with Ranma 1/2,
      and information on where to get a copy.

       Ranma 1/2 Trivia
         How much do you really know?

       Ranma 1/2 Merchandise

       About the creator of this site

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