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The Death of A Warrior Is Nothing To Be Feared...

Welcome All! I'm Amano Jyaku, a student and part-time worker (in the real world, that is) whose hobbies and past times include all of Anime, Jackie Chan, and awesome Sony Playstation experiences. Fascinated by Japan and the culture of the East, I lend my expertise whenever possible. I made this page and all of its links because I understand the need for high-quality web pages, and I have honestly done my greatest attempt to bring useful and fun enjoyment and information to all of its viewers. Tell me what you think by e-mailing me or signing my guestbook, both towards the bottom of the page. All comments are welcome!

Now Choose The Road You Must Travel:

Jackie vs Bruce!
Click on Jackie to See Him Take on Bruce Lee

My Macross Plus Paradise!
Let Sharon Show You the Way to Amano's Macross Plus Paradise!

My UROTSUKIDOJI Realm of the Chojin!
UROTSUKIDOJI Realm of The Chojin! The Complete Encyclopedia!


On the Way and In the Works:

Wow, there is still so much more to come and do! The following are soon to follow:

Please come back very, very soon and visit me! You'll be glad that you did!

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