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Sweet baby Jesus! It's been...YEARS since I've updated this site! And people still come. Well. I have a new webpage, it's here. I've added a simpler text menu under the applet for easier use, and I still hate that thing. All the links and other crap here seem silly to me now, but I'll leave them for the sake of nostalgia. Email me if you want something done to this site, cause I'll do it. Since the Eva series is over, all this info will never change, so I'll keep this site up for info purposes (as if there aren't enough Evangelion sites out there anyway.)

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Evangelion Beginnings

The Story begins in 2015. The polar caps have melted due to an event known as the " second impact " and the old Tokyo and half of the world was flooded. Giant creatures of unknown origin called Angels show up and attack Tokyo 3. The JSDF is helpless against these angels and so the special organisation NERV must defend the Earth. 3 Pilots must use their EVAs to save Earth from total destruction. All three have different backgrounds, fighting their fears and having to cope with the lust of their dutie. As the story continues they become friends and save the Earth - but at what cost ?

Neon Genesis Evangelion is defenetly the best Anime ever to be made. It's characters imidietly pull you in their ban ( in my case Shinji ) and the story hasn't found a worthy opponent. Shooting all previous records Neon Genesis Evangelion shot to the top of Japanese charts. I can only recommend this series. Do it !

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