Re-release Dragon Ball Z Shinbutohden petition!

Dragon Ball Z Shinbutohden is, in my opinion, the best Dragon Ball game released to date. It was released in 1994 for the Japanese Saturn. The game is pretty much dried up, now. It's impossible to find a copy under $100 anymore. Many people I know are trying to get their hands on a copy. Import stores claim they could sell 100 of them, or more, in a day, without a hitch.

Dragon Ball Z legends, for both Saturn and Playstation has been re-released. The supposed god awful Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (which I haven't played yet...let me know how good it is if you have played it) has even had it's rebirth. Sure, these games are good, but not the best. DBZ Shinbutohden deserves a re-release. Why not? Do you agree with me? If so, Sign the petition.

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