Voltes V Characters Page

Name : Kenichi Gou
a.k.a. : Steve Armstrong
The oldest of the Gou Brothers, he is the leader of the Voltes Team, pilot of the Volt Cruiser and controls Voltes V. One question though, Voltes V's Main weapon is the Tenku Ken, a sword, and Steve is supposed to be a crack marksman, so how can he be a sharp shooter and an expert swordsman at the same time?

Name : Mine Ippei
a.k.a. : Mark Gordon
Champion Rodeo rider and master of the whip, he occasionally picks a fight with Steve just for the fun of it. He pilots the Volt Bomber, Voltes V's arms.

Name : Daijiro Gou
a.k.a. : Big Bert Armstrong
Mastered sumo wrestling and pilots the Volt Panzer, Voltes V's Torso.

Name : Hiyoshi Gou
a.k.a. : Little John Armstrong
Youngest of the Armstrong brothers, he is an expert in underwater combat. He pilots the Volt Frigate, Voltes V's legs.

Name : Megumi Oka
a.k.a. : Jaime Robinson
Desecndant of a long line of a ninja family, she is the only female in the group. She pilots the Volt Lander, the feet of Voltes V. Her father, General Robinson, was instrumental in the construction of Voltes V and Camp Big Falcon.

Name : Prince Heinel
a.k.a. : Prince Zardos
Crown prince of Bozania and loyal follower of the emperor, he has pledged his life to the destruction of Voltes V and the capture of the planet Earth.

This is it for now, I will try to add more images and a midi background to these pages. Thanks to Jeremiah Roa for the 3D images at the top of this page.
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