Koniichi wa Minna-san. Kangei Suru and Arigato for stopping by my page ^_^ My name is Gally, but most people call me Gally-chan. See, that's me to your left ^.^ Also, I may be known as Mika, Gally no Miko, and a few others ^.^; I made this page for all those people who love anime and manga. Also if you got here by accident and you have no idea what anime is then I hope this page convinces you to at least check it out. Actually, this page is full of lesser known animes that are out there (fansub sources). Anyway! Enjoy yourself, onegai!

7/17/99: Oi Minna! I've decided to change my page around a bit. I will put all my RECENT changes and updates here and when I change it, I will put it in the 'Updates' section ^.^ *sighs* Ah, okay. Well, I am getting out of summer school in 2 days (not counting Sunday) so I will actually spend time working on my webpage. I know, I know...I haven't done anything in...*thinks* 2 months *sweatdrop* Gomen! Anyway, I've decided to make this page look better by putting in a section called "Anime? Manga? What's that?" so that people who DO know what it is, doesn't have to go through yet, another explination. ^.^ Also, I've decided NOT to do all the stuff I said I would get around to. I'm going to do pages on not so well known anime...BUT I am going to put a page full of links that I think are worth going to of all the anime I've seen (which, is a LOT ^^;) So that's it! I hope I am not dissapointing anyone. For those of you who have heard of the whole Geocities/Yahoo! thing, I *WOULD* move my page (if not for that, for those ANNOYING pop-ups) but I am having problems with Xoom, which I am trying to move my page to. So bear with me a little longer 'kay? Well, that's it for now ^.^
*jumps around happily in super D* YAY! It's finally time for the good stuff--Check the Updates for when I get started with other pages. Okay? ^_^ Choose Your Destination:

Anime? Manga? What's that?: An explanation of what different kinds of Anime and Manga there are, and all the basic stuff. It includes what dub, sub, fansub, etc is. Also a small rave on why I hate about dubs --_--

3x3 Eyes: Pronounced Sazan Eyes but most people call it Three by Three Eyes *smiles* Whatever floats you boat. *Note* The page got erased and I had to do it again. The links aren't up right now, only thing that's there is my intro. I'll be fixing it really soon. Promise!

Kodomo no Omocha: Translates roughly to Child's Toy. It's really funny and "spastic" *grins* I've started a Sana and Hayama Fanclub that you can join. It's kind of inactive right now, but it won't be soon!

Updates: If you want to know what's happening with the sites then go here.

Miscellaneous: Here I have a couples section and a character page which is split into two parts shoujo and shonen *jumps around in Super D form* YAY! ^_^ *drools a little* Bishonen's *giggle* Includes word help, a music page with midi's, different series and good links, and uh...that's about it ^_^;) Also coming soon: Useless Anime Facts, CD Ratings for Anime Soundtracks, a monthly Newsletter, and an Anime Quiz ^.^ That's not until the entire site is up. Gomen.
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Okay Minna-san. All of the previously mentioned (and on other pages of mine) Anime/Manga/Clubs/Shrines/Fanfics/Webpages belong to their creator's brilliant mind. Special thanks to Nishi, Rhian-chan, and minna at the Temple of Miaka for their support and help ^_^ Please don't take any of the pictures without asking. There are some pictures I took from other pages a long long time ago (before I knew that I could make a webpage). So if you want credit or if you want me to take them down email me at gally_chan@yahoo.com. Hmmm, well I think that's about it! Gomen, Arigato, and JA!. ^_^
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