WARNING: This is the shounen ai picture gallery. All images contained within depict the love between two males. If you do not accept or appreciate this idea, then please do not proceed.

Shinji & Kaworu's Lovely Shounen Ai Gallery

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Nagisa Kaworu no heya

Hey, I found out where a bunch of my pics came from! I thought this was just a site for Kaworu pics, but if you search really long and hard, you'll find a link to the yaoi pics. So, search around, take your time, then come on back and figure out which ones of mine you're still missing. As NihonJoe says, it's the most visited Kaworu x Shinji site in the US... don't want to compete with credentials like that, now do I? Besides, my essay is more important to me anyway. *grins*

This link will lead you to the index page of the English language mirror of a great site. You have to be 18 and get a password, but once you're in, there are some...interesting Shinji and Kaworu pics hanging around. Some are here on my page. Others are just too graphic to display on a lil Geocities account. Be warned: these pics might not be your cup of tea. Some made me blush... I just can't think of my beloved Shinji-kun that way. Oh, well. It's your call.

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