Aaron Kwok Vancouver Fan Club

For all crazy fans who live in British Columbia, Canada, there is a great chance for you to share and experience the wonderful time with all other Aaron fans. We have established a fan club for all the fans in Vancouver, so that we can chase, wait and watch Aaron together as if he is coming to our place or if there is a movie of him in the theater. Also, we can go chase him together. If any of us goes to Hong Kong and that would be a lot of fun. This fan club involves your time and your craziness and we really need people as devoted as you. We hope you can be a part of us and looking forward to your replies.


We finally got a chance to meet each other on our first meeting on March 27. It's too bad that we didn't take any pictures in the meeting. I guess for those who gone to the meeting must be fully filled with food, remember the time we only got half hour to finish all the food on the table? That was really a terrible moment, haha! Okay, we are planning to have our second club meeting, BBQ trip either in the coming months. If you have any other ideas, please email us at Van_AaronFanClub@hotmail.com

Sorry for those outside BC who has joined our club. Because of inconveniences, we decided to accept only memebers living in Bristish Columbia. We apologize for erasing your names in our member list.

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