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School - Main Entrance from Hill Road - 1997

Dear friends,

       To all of those who knew our dad as a teacher, friend, speaker or writer, I am happy to inform you that I have put together a collection of some of his works we were able to find from his bookcases
       Most of them were manuscripts---in pencil--- with changes or over writing, and we found it a little difficult to pick the right words. I mention this because there might be a few missing words or not the appropriate word, to convey his ideas and I am sure you will bear with us.
       In this compilation I have put together an assortment of dad's works in his 44 years of teaching experience which he cherished most and never hesitated to express his views with forthright conviction. Even after his death there were many outpourings of gratitude and admiration and we have added some of these articles too.
       It has taken us a long time to compile this collection and I take this opportunity to thank all our friends (June, Jenny, Sr. Ignatia) who helped us in typing out the manuscripts. A special thank you to Walwyn D'Souza, an ex-Stanislite and dad's pupil too, and his son Pradeep who in the preliminary stages very willingly agreed to assist our son Michael key in all the material and to help us do this job with his computer facilities. To all of them and the other members of my family who also helped, my grateful thanks.
       At this juncture we also remember our mother who assisted dad almost every time in typing matter that he so often sent to the press.
       It might please you to know that we have a family fund supported by some of his pupils. From this we have been sending out annually funds to the school in Pondicherry, his birthplace where he received his primary education, for those students less fortunate and deprived.
       On behalf of my sister Phoebe, my brothers Bob and Narry and on my own behalf I wish to thank each of you particularly his pupils who held him in high esteem and appreciated his teachings and many of whom till today cherish happy memories of him as their teacher.
2nd May 1999.

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