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I have received a number of messages lately that have attachments that needed to be downloaded. Most of the messages containing a virus are over 100k and should be easy to identify. The messages were from people I know; however, I was advised that they had not sent the messages. If you feel it is necessary, you can confirm with the sender before downloading anything. These virus get into someone's computer go right to theaddress book and send out the same virus to the addresses on the person's computer. They are self generating that way until the link is broken by deleting or catching them with an Anti-Virus program like Symantec/Norton or McAfee Anti-Virus, intercepts the downloading of a virus.

Some EM@IL servers like Yahoo have anti-virus programs that screen ALL incoming EM@IL and places any containing a virus in "Bulk Mail" rather than the "Inbox". However, Hotmail does NOT have this in place yet and only screens EM@IL Downloads for viruses.

America's leading duo of computer hygiene and safety software companies have released the 2003 versions of their respective virus fighters, firewall builders and various computer utilities. Symantec and McAfee vie for sales to nervous Nellie's at home and corporate deep-pocketed IT honchos at work with powerful new offerings that folks will love. Both offer e-mail scanners that not only strip off viruses clinging to messages but also deep-six unwanted spam. Executives from both shops warn that a new threat called the blended virus soon may generate headlines because it can wreak havoc when one simply opens a message. Until now viruses couldn't do their stuff unless one fell for the trick and clicked on an executable attachment. Brrrrr. Details are at and >VIRUS SCAN DOWNLOADS
AVG Anti-Virus

Many of the larger USA Companies utilize Internet Security Systems, including AICPA/AON which sent me this message concerning EMAIL with attachments, "Due to a restriction on attachment types allowed within our e-mail system, one or more attachments have been removed from the original e-mail message. Both the sender and the receiver are being notified of this occurrence. Blocked attachments are archived and quarantined for up to a week. If this attachment is business related and needs to be delivered, please notify your Aon Information Security Ambassador immediately by replying to this message (with History), or by forwarding this message to Your ISA can also be reached via telephone at 888-773-2547."

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If you want your messages to be read, don't make them too long unless the receiver is expecting a verbose message. Individuals send an e-mail because they wish to receive a quick response. If they did not want a quick response they would send a letter or a fax. Therefore, each e-mail should be replied to within at least 24 hours, and preferably within the same working day. If the email is complicated, just send an email back saying that you have received it and that you will get back to them. This will put the sender's mind at rest and usually they will then be very patient!


TOM and others with "FREE" EM@IL Accounts on HOTMAIL used to have a real problem staying within their small File Storage limit. If the Storage Limit was exceeded the account was automatically disabled; incoming messages will not be received nor can outgoing message be sent. Therefore, I considered closing my Hotmail E-mail account at and opening one at YAHOO! or GOOGLE. However, File Storage Limits has recently been increased because of competition from QMail. Another alternative I have utilized was to save messages on my home computer using Microsoft "Outlook Express". However, these messages are ONLY available at home and NOT at remote computers like at public libraries or while I am on vacation.

I have been able to reduce the File Size of photos sent in EM@IL by saving them as a "thumbnail" or placing them in my Yahoo Photo Albums: TomPremo |TomPremo2 |TomPremo3 |Minh_Tom |Minh_Tom2 |Minh_Tom3 and then "copying and pasting" them into the body of my EM@IL. Sometimes photos may not viewable in EM@IL and this usually happens if one has a "dial-up" ISP because it takes a long time to upload. I have been able to view the photos sent to me on Hotmail after downloading them to my computer using Outlook Express. However, they also can be viewed in my Yahoo Photo Album by Clicking on the Name or Photo and using the "Slideshow" to view all photos in the album. As an example, the size of a recent message that I sent including eight photos was only 12k, compared with over 100k each for attached JPEG photos. We on Hotmail and Yahoo that have limited File Storage space can appreciate the smaller file size.

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