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Tengwar Annatar
Tengwar Annatar (Black Speech) .
Tengwar Alagneth
. . Tengwar Naive [Alagneth] (Sind. Classic)
Tengwar Camteithad
Tengwar Cursive [Camteithad] (Sind. Classic)
Tengwar Noldor
. . Tengwar Noldor (Quenya)
Tengwar Edhellen
Tengwar Elfica [Edhellen] (Sind. Classic)
Tengwar Parmaite
. . Tengwar Parmaite (Quenya)
Tengwar uin Ardhon
Tengwar Formal [uin Ardhon] (Sind. Classic)
Tengwar Quenya
. . Tengwar Quenya (Quenya)
Tengwar Galvorn
Tengwar Galvorn (Sindarin)
Tengwar Sindarin
. . Tengwar Sindarin (Sindarin)
Tengwar Mornedhel
Tengwar Mornedhel (Sindarin)
Tengwar Teleri
. . Tengwar Teleri (Telerin)

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