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Updated : January 22, 2004

Sweet! As of now, I will be able to provide an unlimited number of free e-mail for anyone! Below are the details of this free service. ^_^ I hope that you guys like it!

What you get for free:

Yes, that's right! It's not a zzn account! It's a domain! ^_^ Really really cool! And way shorter than a normal free zzn account.

2.) 6 MB of e-mail space
Yessiree-bob! 6 MB! ^_^ Just like our old yahoo pal over there.

3.) It's SPAM-free!
^_^ Another great thing! It's spam-free!

4.) Can be accessed by a web browser!
No need to download any programs! Just type in the url and away you go!

Login Name :

Password :

New to RK Web E-mail?

SIGN UP now to receive, write, and send e-mail RK-Style! It's all free!

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