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Interesting Stuff (in no particular order)

Collected aphorisms (Revised 16 February 2001)

Amusing not-quite words

Mark Twain on spelling reform

A Boy and his Frog


A few of my haiku (Revised 28 November 2000)

Emily Dickinson

Celibacy and Gender

"Because it did not find a mate, they called the unicorn perverted."
--Dag Hammarskjold

If you find yourself involuntarily celibate, you might find this page to be of interest. It includes My story.

Here is more material about celibacy, including The Celibate FAQ.
Here are a few comments about celibacy, made by the people themselves.

Here are a few statistics on celibacy.

The Celibate Webring
The Oddness of Life is a member of the Celibate Webring.
Owned by Richard J. Edgar.
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