Routes operated - 1971 to 1978

The years 1971 to 1978 could be described as "the rise of the DMS" as they were used to replace crew double deckers and omo single deckers. 1979 was the beginning of the end as new Metrobuses, Titans and Nationals, as well as some SMSs, were used as replacements. The first DMS was in the scrapyard before the last RT had been taken out of service!
The tables below show the route conversions that involved the DMS and DM classes between 71-78. Unless otherwise stated, all DMS allocations are omo and all DM allocations are crew.


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
220S2-1-71RM to DMS
95BN2-1-71RM to DMS
271HT16-1-71RML to DMS
189AL30-1-71RT to DMS
32W13-3-71RM to DMS
5PR17-4-71RM to DMS
5WH17-4-71RML to DMS
50BN24-7-71RT to DMS
170WD24-7-71RT to DMS
267FW18-9-71RM to DMS
267V18-9-71new allocation
184WL16-10-71RT (RM Sunday) to DMS
96BX6-11-71RT to DMS
64TH4-12-71RM to DMS
67SF4-12-71RML to DMS


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
124TL8-1-72RM to DMS
124ATL8-1-72RM to DMS
177AW8-1-72RT (RM Sunday) to DMS
177NX8-1-72RT (RM Sat & Sun) to DMS
85AF5-2-72SMS to DMS
297ON5-2-72MB to DMS
78PM13-5-72RT (RM Sat & Sun) to DMS
N85PM13-5-72RM to DMS
N86PM13-5-72RM to DMS
44WD17-6-72RT to DMS
46CF17-6-72RM to DMS
168BWD17-6-72new DMS route
179BK17-6-72SMS to DMS Sunday only
199BK17-6-72new DMS route
295WD17-6-72RM to DMS
19AB15-7-72new DMS route
39B15-7-72RT to DMS
39AB15-7-72RT to DMS
61TB15-7-72RT to DMS
263FY15-7-72RM to DMS
263HT15-7-72RM to DMS
213A5-8-72RT to DMS
213NB5-8-72RT to DMS
213AA5-8-72RT to DMS
213ANB5-8-72new allocation
106AR12-8-72RM to DMS
106H12-8-72RM to DMS
107E9-9-72SM to DMS
10BW28-10-72RT (RM Sat & Sun) to DMS
10AGM28-10-72new DMS route
22ACT28-10-72new DMS route
55T28-10-72RT (RM Sun) to DMS
262T28-10-72RML to DMS Sunday only
262WH28-10-72RM to DMS Sunday only
278WH28-10-72RM to DMS
175NS18-11-72RT to DMS Sunday only
246RD18-11-72RT to DMS
247ANS18-11-72RT to DMS


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
90BFW6-1-73RM to DMS
166TC6-1-73SMS to DMS
166ATC6-1-73SMS to DMS
194ED6-1-73SMS to DMS
197BTC6-1-73SMS to DMS
222UX6-1-73SMS to DMS
233TC6-1-73SMS to DMS
233ATC6-1-73SMS to DMS
234TC20-1-73XA / FRM to DMS
234BTC20-1-73XA / RF to DMS
245W20-1-73SM to DMS
C1TC17-2-73 - 29-3-73XA to DMS
C2TC17-2-73 - 29-3-73XA to DMS
C3TC17-2-73 - 29-3-73XA to DMS
C4TC17-2-73 - 29-3-73XA to DMS
C5TC17-2-73new DMS route
168WD3-3-73168B renumbered (Sat only)
85AAF10-3-73RM to DMS
156BK10-3-73RT to DMS
259AR10-3-73RM to DMS
259EM10-3-73RM to DMS
279AAR10-3-73new DMS route
279AEM10-3-73new DMS route
291BK10-3-73RF to DMS
221FY24-3-73RM to DMS
221WN24-3-73RM to DMS
83ON20-4-73MB to joint DMS / SMS on Sunday
131AL12-5-73RM to DMS
131NB12-5-73RM to DMS
154A12-5-73RT to DMS
154TH12-5-73RT to DMS
157A12-5-73RT to DMS
157AL12-5-73RT to DMS
157TH12-5-73new DMS allocation
185TL12-5-73RT to DMS
185WL12-5-73RT to DMS
197ATH12-5-73RT to DMS
165RD16-6-73RML to DMS
173U16-6-73new DMS route
241WH16-6-73RM (SMS Sun) to DMS
295AWD30-6-73new DMS route
292EW14-7-73RT to DMS
169BK1-9-73RT to DMS
169CBK1-9-73RT to DMS
92HW27-10-73SMS to DMS
92ON27-10-73SMS to DMS
91V10-11-73SMS to DMS
198AW17-11-73new DMS route
54ED1-12-73RM to DMS Sunday only
194BED1-12-74RT to DMS
16W15-12-73RM to crew DMS
134MH15-12-73RM to crew DMS
134PB15-12-73RM to crew DMS


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
130ATC5-1-74RML to DMS Sunday only
132BX5-1-74SM to DMS
144WN5-1-74RT to DMS
144WW5-1-74RT to DMS
154TC5-1-74new M-S DMS allocation
197TC5-1-74RT to DMS, 197B renumbered 197
277CT5-1-74RT to DMS
277PR5-1-74RT to DMS
280A5-1-74RT to DMS
N84PR5-1-74RM to DMS
149EM2-2-74RM to crew DMS
149SF2-2-74RM to crew DMS
179BK23-2-74SMS to DMS M-S, already DMS on Sunday
N94W1-3-74RM to crew DMS
109TH23-3-74SMS to DMS early Sunday mornings
135E23-3-74RT to DMS Sunday only
191E23-3-74RT to DMS
W8EM23-3-74MBS to DMS
137AGM12-4-74Seasonally reintroduced
23U20-4-74RM/RML to DMS Sunday only
23BK20-4-74RT to DMS Sunday only
145BK20-4-74RT to DMS
152AL18-5-74MB to DMS
293AL18-5-74MB to DMS
M1AL19-5-74MB to DMS
79ON1-6-74MB to DMS
79AON1-6-74MB to DMS
182ON1-6-74MB to DMS M-S only
282HW27-7-74MB to DMS
16W14-9-74 - 3-10-74crew DMS to DM
W3WN22-9-74MBS to DMS
W1WN6-10-74MBS to DMS
W2WN6-10-74MBS to DMS
W4WN6-10-74MBS to DMS
134MH7-10-74 - 31-11-74crew DMS to DM
134PB7-10-74 - 31-11-74crew DMS to DM
149EM31-10-74 - 5-12-74crew DMS to DM
149SF31-10-74 - 5-12-74crew DMS to DM
99AM10-11-74MB to DMS
122AAM10-11-74MB to DMS
232AHW30-11-74RT to DMS
272AW30-11-74new DMS route


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
183AE4-1-75RT to DMS
4HT25-1-75RM/RT to DM Saturday only
102MH25-1-75RML to DM Sat & Sun only
104HT25-1-75RML to DM Sat & Sun only
172HT25-1-75RM to DM Sat & Sun only
253HT25-1-75RM to DM Sat & Sun only
253SF25-1-75RM to DM (+1RML) Sunday only
296WD25-1-75new DMS route
17HT26-1-75RM to DM
43MH26-1-75RML to DM
168AHT26-1-75RT to DM
214HT26-1-75RM to DM
W7MH26-1-75MBS to DMS
N92HT26-1-75RML to DM
N93HT26-1-75RML to DM
245AW16-2-75SMS to DMS
102MH22-2-75reverted to RM
12WL23-2-75RM to DM Sunday only
42Q23-2-75MB to DMS
45WL23-2-75RM to DM
252RD1-3-75SMS to DMS
130TC2-3-75RML to DM M-S only
130ATC2-3-75RML to DM Sat, already DMS Sunday
130BTC2-3-75RML to DM
57ABN23-3-75RT to DM
133BN23-3-75RT to DM
S1WH23-3-75MBS to DMS
N83SF23-3-75RML to DM but Routemaster still used
N87BN23-3-75RT to DM
281FW20-4-75SM to DMS Sunday only
126TB27-4-75MB to DMS
138TB27-4-75MB to DMS
143HT27-4-75MB to DMS
W21WW1-6-75MBS to DMS
4HT23-6-75RT to DM M-F, already DM Sat
109BN19-7-75RT to DM Sat only
285FW19-7-75SMS to DMS Saturday only
285NB19-7-75SMS to DMS Sunday only
276WW20-7-75MB to DMS
40Q3-8-75RM to DM
66BNS3-8-75SMS to DMS
103NS3-8-75SMS to DMS
172Q3-8-75RT to DM M-F only
172HT3-8-75RT to DM M-F, already DM Sat & Sun
275WW3-8-75MB to DMS
84NB31-8-75MB to DMS
168SW31-8-75RT to DM
168WD31-8-75RT to DM M-F, already DMS Saturday
N97V19-9-75RM to DMS
238WH28-9-75SMS to DMS Sunday only
242PB28-9-75MB to DMS
3CF19-10-75RM to DM Sunday only
24CF19-10-75RML to DM
N68WD24-10-75RM to DM but usually still RM operated
N68SW24-10-75RM to DM but usually still RM operated
N81SW24-10-75RM to DM but usually still RM operated
N88WD24-10-75RM to DM
125FY1-11-75SMS to DMS Sunday only
231E1-11-75SMS to DMS Sunday only
239HT1-11-75SMS to DMS Saturday only
299PB1-11-75SMS to DMS Sat & Sun only
N87SW1-11-75RML to DM
147U16-11-75SMS to DMS
181SW16-11-75SMS to DMS
181ASW16-11-75SMS to DMS
59TC30-11-75RM to DM
E1HL7-12-75MBS to DMS
E2HL7-12-75MBS to DMS
29WN14-12-75RM to DM
29HT14-12-75RM to DM
123WN14-12-75RM to DM
141WN14-12-75RM to DM Sunday only


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
616W12-1-76MBS to DMS
16AW31-1-76new DM route
57AL28-2-76SMS to DMS Saturday only
207HL28-2-76RML to DM
239HT21-3-76SMS to DMS M-F, already DMS on Sat
207UX28-3-76RML to DM
223UX10-4-76SMS to DMS Sunday only
224BUX10-4-76SMS to DMS Saturday only
137AGM18/19-4-76 onlyEaster only DMS route
20L25-4-76MB to DMS
66NS9-5-76SMS to DMS
112SE23-5-76SMS to DMS
285FW12-6-76SMS to DMS M-F, already DMS Sat & Sun
70NX4-7-76SMS to DMS
188Q4-7-76SMS to DMS
108BTL15-8-76SMS to DMS
249AK29-8-76SMS to DMS
249AL29-8-76SMS to DMS
167L12-9-76SMS to DMS
10GM9-10-76new allocation
20AL9-10-76RT to DMS
129AP9-10-76RT to DMS
280AA23-10-76new DMS route
121E24-10-76RF to DMS
231E24-10-76SMS to DMS M-S, already DMS Sun
294NS7-11-76SMS to DMS
21ASP5-12-76SMS to DMS
228SP5-12-76SMS to DMS Sunday only
223UX12-12-76RF to DMS M-S, already DMS Sunday
224BUX12-12-76RF to DMS M-F, already DMS Saturday


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
75TL26-2-77RT/RM to DMS
10GM19-3-77allocation withdrawn
29HT19-3-77DM to RM
29WN19-3-77DM to RM
123WN19-3-77Saturday allocation withdrawn
123WW19-3-77RM/DM to DMS
141NX19-3-77RM to DM
141WN19-3-77RM to DM M-S, already DM Sun
W1WN19-3-77route withdrawn
N96T19-3-77RML to DMS
137AB10-4-77one day only DMS route
51SP21-5-77RM to DMS
269BX21-5-77new DMS route
238WH20-6-77SMS to DMS, already DMS Sunday
162U21-6-77SMS to DMS
139NS23-7-77RT to DMS
148AP23-7-77RT/RM to DMS
148BK23-7-77RT to DMS
107AE20-8-77new DMS route
191EM20-8-77new DMS allocation
217E20-8-77RT to DMS
217BE20-8-77RT to DMS
34AD10-9-77RT/RM to DMS
34WW10-9-77RT to DMS
212AD10-9-77SMS to DMS
120HW1-10-77RT to DMS Sunday only
274HW1-10-77RT to DMS
150AP15-10-77RT/RM to DMS
57AL13-11-77SMS to DMS M-F, already DMS Saturday
200AL13-11-77SMS to DMS
125FY3-12-77SMS to DMS M-S, already DMS Sunday


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
120HW28-1-78RT to DMS M-S, already DMS Sunday
160TL28-1-78SMD to DMS
160ATL28-1-78SMD to DMS
228SP28-1-78RM to DMS M-S, already DMS Sunday
109BN1-2-78 to 3-3-78progressive conversion RM to DM
270FW9-4-78BL to DMS
54TL22-4-78RT/RM to DMS M-S, already DMS (ED) Sunday
89BX22-4-78RT/RM to DMS
151BX22-4-78RM to DMS
173PR22-4-78new allocation, U allocation withdrawn
192NX22-4-78RM to DMS
213A22-4-78allocation withdrawn
261AD22-4-78RT/RM to DMS
262WH22-4-78RM to DM
262T22-4-78Sunday DMS allocation withdrawn
101U30-4-78RM/RML to DM
N95BK26-5-78RT to crew DMS
N98BK26-5-78RT to crew DMS
244MH18-6-78SMS to DMS
109TH27-8-78RM to DM, BN n/c
130TH27-8-78RM to DM Sunday, TC n/c
45HT28-10-78new DM allocation, WL n/c
102MH28-10-78RML to DM, AD n/c
109BN28-10-78early morning journeys DMS to DM
130TC28-10-78RM to DM, TH (RM) allocation withdrawn
130BTC28-10-78introduced on Sat with DM and Sun with DMS
143AE28-10-78new allocation, HT allocation withdrawn
154TH28-10-78allocation withdrawn, A now M-S, TC now Sat
194BTH28-10-78new allocation ED allocation withdrawn
253SF28-10-78SF allocation RM/RML/DM to RML
279AEM28-10-78DMS to RM
279AAR28-10-78allocation withdrawn
283EM28-10-78new DM route
226AC12-11-78SMS to DMS
165RD4-12-78 to 25-10-79progressive DMS to T
246RD4-12-78 to 25-10-79progressive DMS to T
252RD4-12-78 to 25-10-79progressive DMS to T

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