Routes operated - 1979 to 1982

1979 was the beginning of the end as new Metrobuses, Titans and Nationals, as well as some SMSs, were used as replacements. The first DMS was in the scrapyard before the last RT had been taken out of service!
The tables below show the route conversions that involved the DMS and DM classes from 1979 onwards. Unless otherwise stated, all DMS allocations are omo and all DM allocations are crew.


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
270FW19-3-79DMS to M
285FW19-3-79 - 12-4-79progressive DMS to M M-S
44SW31-3-79new DMS allocation
67AR31-3-79new DMS allocation Sunday only
106AR31-3-79DMS to RM
106H31-3-79DMS to RM
164A31-3-79RM to DMS
181AL31-3-79new DMS allocation, SW allocation withdrawn
224BUX31-3-79renumbered 224
232AHW31-3-79renumbered 232
296FY31-3-79new DMS route
90BFW12-4-79 - 25-5-79progressive DMS to M
281FW13-4-79DMS to M Sunday only
3CF22-4-79DM to RM/RML Sun
18SE22-4-79RML to DM M-S
24CF22-4-79DM to RML
253HT22-4-79DM to RM Sunday only
266SE22-4-79RML to DM Sunday only
18ON13-5-79RM to crew DMS Sunday
132BX23-5-79 - 1-9-79SM used to cover for DMS
267FW25-5-79 - 16-6-79progressive DMS to M
173PR25-5-79DMS to LS
244MH25-5-79DMS to LS
273HW27-5-79SMS to DMS Sunday only
107AE30-6-79renumbered 107
213ANB16-7-79 - 29-7-79progressive DMS to M
195HW29-7-79SMS to DMS Sunday only
131NB29-7-79 - 27-9-79progressive DMS to M
285NB29-7-79DMS to M Sunday
92HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M
120HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M
195HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M Sunday
232HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M
273HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M Sunday
274HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M
282HW17-9-79 - 19-12-79progressive DMS to M
61TB30-9-79DMS to LS
262WH14-10-79DM to RM M-S, still DMS Sun
126TB21-10-79DMS to LS
138TB21-10-79DMS to LS
101U28-10-79DM to RM/RML
80A4-11-79BL to DMS Sunday only
80AA4-11-79BL to DMS
66NS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T conversion
66BNS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T
103NS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T
139NS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T
175NS5-11-79 - 20-7-809progressive DMS to T Sunday
247ANS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T
294NS5-11-79 - 20-7-80progressive DMS to T
224UX10-11-79DMS to SMS
84PB17-11-79DMS to SMS
299PB17-11-79DMS to SMS
42Q24-11-79DMS to SMS
239HT3-12-79DMS to LS
N97V18-12-79DMS to M
91V19-12-79DMS to M
267V19-12-79DMS to M


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
18ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive crew DMS to crew M Sunday
79ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M
79AON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M
83ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M Sunday
92ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M Monday to Saturday
182ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M Monday to Saturday
297ON24-1-80 - 24-7-80progressive DMS to M
143AE10-2-80 - 15-6-80progressive DMS to M
183AE10-2-80 - 15-6-80progressive DMS to M
78PM24-2-80DMS to MD
N85PM24-2-80DMS to MD
N86PM24-2-80DMS to MD
99AM27-4-80DMS to MD
122AAM27-4-80DMS to MD
139NS17-5-80DMS/T allocation withdrawn
139AP17-5-80new DMS allocation
N98BK17-5-80BK crew DMS allocation replaced by NS crew T
16W24-5-80DM/crew M to RML
16AW24-5-80DM/crew M to RML
N94W24-5-80DM/crew M to crew M
23BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T Sunday
145BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
148BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
156BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
169BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
179BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
199BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to T
N95BK1-6-80 - 31-7-80progressive crew DMS to crew T
18SE1-6-80 - 19-6-80progressive DM to crew M
226AC1-6-80DMS to M
266SE2-6-80DM to crew M Sunday
56PR21-6-80new DMS route
129AP1-7-80 - 15-8-80progressive DMS to T
139AP1-7-80 - 15-8-80progressive DMS to T
148AP1-7-80 - 15-8-80progressive DMS to T Sunday
150AP1-7-80 - 15-8-80progressive DMS to T
32W6-7-80 - 10-7-80progressive DMS to M
245W6-7-80 - 10-7-80progressive DMS to M
42Q14-7-80SMS to DMS Monday to Saturday, still DMS Sunday
115TH20-7-80 - 27-7-80progressive SMS to DMS
616W21-7-80 - 31-7-80progressive DMS to M
149SF10-8-80DM to RCL
N83SF10-8-80DM to crew DMS but still RML operated
207HL17-8-80 - 31-10-80progressive DM to RM/RML
137AB21-9-80one day only DMS route
53NX27-9-80crew MD to DM/crew MD
84PB27-9-80SMS to DMS
121AD27-9-80E DMS allocation replaced by new AD DMS allocation
125FY27-9-80 - 20-10-80progressive DMS to M
135E27-9-80RM to DMS Monday to Saturday, already DMS on Sunday
149EM27-9-80 - 12-11-80progressive DM to RCL
152AAL27-9-80new DMS route
178AW27-9-80new DMS route
192NX27-9-80NX DMS allocation replaced by AM MD allocation
224UX27-9-80 - 12-1-81progressive SMS to DMS
261AD27-9-80route withdrawn
263FY27-9-80 - 20-10-80progressive DMS to M
283EM27-9-80route withdrawn
298PB27-9-80new DMS allocation replacing AD RM allocation
298WN27-9-80new DMS allocation replacing AD RM allocation
C1TC27-9-80route withdrawn
C5TC27-9-80officially withdrawn, not operated since 11/78
W4WN27-9-80route withdrawn
207UX20-10-80 - 15-11-80progressive DM to RM
292EW22-10-80 - 7-11-80progressive DMS to M
221FY1-11-80 - 7-11-80progressive DMS to M
168WD15-12-80DM to RM Monday to Friday, still DMS Saturday
168SW15-12-80DM to RM
N68WD15-12-80DM to RM
N68SW15-12-80DM to RM but still DM operated
N81SW15-12-80DM to RM but still DM operated
N87SW15-12-80DM to RM but still DM operated, BN n/c
N88WD15-12-80DM to RM


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
E1HL17-1-81 - 23-11-81progressive DMS to M
E2HL17-1-81 - 23-11-81progressive DMS to M
53NX23-1-81 - 26-2-81progressive MD/DM to RM
4HT31-1-81DM to RM
55T31-1-81DMS to RM
72S31-1-81RM to DMS
97WW31-1-81new DMS route
97AWW31-1-81new DMS route
158WW31-1-81new DMS route
177AW31-1-81DMS to MD
178AW31-1-81DMS to MD
198AW31-1-81DMS to MD
212WW31-1-81new DMS route
220WD31-1-81new DMS allocation
272AW31-1-81DMS to MD
W21WW31-1-81route withdrawn
N82NX31-1-81MD to DM
N96T31-1-81DMS to LS
Inter Station
Night Service
NX31-1-81MD to DM
194ED22-2-81DMS to LS Sunday only
12WL21-3-81DM to RM
45WL21-3-81DM to RM
23U9-4-81Commencement of progressive DMS to T
147U9-4-81 - 4-6-82progressive DMS to T
162U9-4-81 - 4-6-82progressive DMS to T
238U9-4-81 - 4-6-82progressive DMS to T
5PR25-4-81DMS allocation withdrawn
5WH25-4-81DMS to RM Monday to Saturday
5U25-4-81new Sunday DMS/T allocation, fully T by 4-6-82
23U25-4-81Sunday DMS/T allocation withdrawn
40Q25-4-81DM to RM Saturday and Sunday
45HT25-4-81DM to RM
58WH25-4-81RM to DMS Sunday only
77BAL25-4-81new DMS route
80A25-4-81BL to DMS Monday to Saturday, already DMS Sundays
85AAF25-4-81route withdrawn
104HT25-4-81DM to RM/RML Saturday and Sunday
115TH25-4-81route withdrawn
127AL25-4-81new DMS route
154TC25-4-81TC DMS allocation withdrawn
168SW25-4-81route withdrawn
168WD25-4-81route withdrawn
168AHT25-4-81RM to DMS
170SW25-4-81new DMS allocation
172HT25-4-81DM to RM
181AL25-4-81route withdrawn
214HT25-4-81DM to DMS
233TC25-4-81route withdrawn
254A25-4-81new DMS route
262WH25-4-81RM to DMS Monday to Saturday, already DMS Sunday
264AF25-4-81new DMS route
293A25-4-81new DMS allocation
N92HT25-4-81DM to RML
N93HT25-4-81DM to RML
W2WN4-6-81 - 15-8-81progressive DMS to M
W3WN4-6-81 - 15-8-81progressive DMS to M
W7MH11-6-81 - 15-8-81progressive DMS to M
222UX15-7-81 - 10-9-81progressive DMS to M
223UX15-7-81 - 10-9-81progressive DMS to M
224UX15-7-81 - 10-9-81progressive DMS to M
18X15-8-81RM to DM, SE n/c
18AX15-8-81RM to DM
109BN15-8-81DM to RM
112SE15-8-81DMS to M
133BN15-8-81DM to RM
N87BN15-8-81DM to crew DMS
7X31-8-81RM to DM Sunday only
34WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
97WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
97AWW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
123WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
144WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
158WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
212WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
275WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
276WW15-9-81 - 21-1-82progressive DMS to T
34AD19-9-81 - 17-11-81progressive DMS to M
121AD19-9-81 - 17-11-81progressive DMS to M
144WN19-9-81 - 20-11-81progressive DMS to M
221WN19-9-81 - 20-11-81progressive DMS to M
298WN19-9-81 - 20-11-81progressive DMS to M
7X4-10-81DM to RM Sunday only
152AAL31-10-81route withdrawn
184NX31-10-81new DMS allocation
239HT31-10-81LS to DMS
84PB19-11-81 - 19-1-82progressive DMS to T
242PB19-11-81 - 19-1-82progressive DMS to T
298PB19-11-81 - 19-1-82progressive DMS to T
107E30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T
135E30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T
191E30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T
217E30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T
217BE30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T
231E30-12-81 - 22-3-82progressive DMS to T


Route GarageDates operatedNotes
20L26-1-82 - 19-3-82progressive DMS to T
20AL26-1-82 - 19-3-82progressive DMS to T
167L26-1-82 - 19-3-82progressive DMS to T
262WH21-2-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T
191EM24-3-82 - 29-4-82progressive DMS to M
259EM24-3-82 - 29-4-82progressive DMS to M
241WH25-3-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T
238WH3-4-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T Saturday
278WH3-4-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T
58WH4-4-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T Sunday
141NX8-4-82 - 4-9-82progressive DM to RM
141WN8-4-82 - 17-6-82progressive DM to RM
W8EM9-4-82 - 24-6-82progressive DMS to M
137AB11-4-82one day only DMS route
56PR18-4-82 - 3-8-82progressive DMS to T
277PR18-4-82 - 3-8-82progressive DMS to T
N84PR18-4-82 - 3-8-82progressive DMS to T
80AA24-4-82route withdrawn
280AA24-4-82route withdrawn
293AL24-4-82allocation withdrawn
67SF3-6-82 - 22-6-82progressive DMS to M
N83SF3-6-82 - 22-6-82progressive DMS to M
172Q4-6-82 - 7-6-82progressive DM to RM
67AR17-6-82 - 28-6-82progressive DMS to M
259AR17-6-82 - 28-6-82progressive DMS to M
10BW22-7-82 - 4-9-82progressive DMS to T
42Q26-7-82 - 30-9-82progressive DMS to T
188Q26-7-82 - 30-9-82progressive DMS to T
22ACT12-8-82 - 21-9-82progressive DMS to T
277CT12-8-82 - 21-9-82progressive DMS to T
18AX4-9-82route withdrawn
43MH4-9-82DM to RM
93A4-9-82RM to DM
99BX4-9-82new DMS Sunday allocation
104HT4-9-82RM to DMS
109TH4-9-82DM to RM
122ABX4-9-82MD to DMS
127AL4-9-82DMS to LS
130TC4-9-82DM to DMS
130BTC4-9-82DM to DMS M-S, already DMS Sunday
134MH4-9-82DM to RM
134PB4-9-82DM to RM
135E4-9-82route withdrawn
152AL4-9-82DMS to LS
157A4-9-82new DMS allocation
160ATL4-9-82new DMS route
168AHT4-9-82route withdrawn
170WD4-9-82allocation withdrawn
188NX4-9-82new DMS allocation
189AL4-9-82DMS to LS
229SP4-9-82RM to DMS
234BTC4-9-82route withdrawn
239HT4-9-82route withdrawn
249AL4-9-82allocation withdrawn
254A4-9-82route withdrawn
C3TC4-9-82route withdrawn
C4TC4-9-82route withdrawn
N68WD4-9-82RM to crew DMS
N88WD4-9-82RM to crew DMS
S1WH4-9-82DMS to T
184WL16-9-82 - 18-10-82progressive DMS to T
185WL16-9-82 - 18-10-82progressive DMS to T
21ASP1-11-82 - 23-12-82progressive DMS to T
51SP1-11-82 - 23-12-82progressive DMS to T
228SP1-11-82 - 23-12-82progressive DMS to T
229SP1-11-82 - 23-12-82progressive DMS to T
28WD6-11-82crew D on Saturdays withdrawn

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