Mark, who started playing drums in the fifth grade is a self taught drummer/percussionist. He has been living in LA since 1985 and has had an active career in recording & touring. First up was "Return to Metalopolis" in 1990-91 on Enigma Records. In 1992 Mark did session work with "Ice T" on a song called Midnight from his album O.G. "Original Gangster." From 1992-94 Mark wrote, recorded & performed with "Damn the Machine" on their self titled release on A & M Records. This group played extensively; touring the USA and Canada twice, as well as Europe with the group "Dream Theater." While in Europe Mark was interviewed by Vanessa, of MTV, at the prestigious Ard Schock Festival where DTM also played. Also at this time the groups video "The Mission" was enjoying air play on Canada's Much Music & Headbangers Ball in the states. In May of 1994, Mark performed with "White Zombie," (Geffen Records) doing a tour of Japan. He was asked to join the group but declined the offer in order to work on his own project with brother Chris, and the group "Mumbo's Brain." Mark is currently the lead singer of "Fester".
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