Quotes from "The Secret World of Alex Mack"

Alex Mack Quotes

"A girl's got to have a few secrets." - Alex Mack, "Road Trip"

"Most girls have these heart-to-heart talks with their big sisters. I get my pulse rate checked and my zapper measured. But if that's what it takes to get Annie to pay attention to me, I can live with it." - Alex Mack, "The Journal"

"Sometimes you just have to trust people." - Alex Mack, "The Neighbor"

"Sometimes in life, my darling, a little mystery is a good thing." - Barbara Mack, "Mystery Man"

"I guess I could have a couple of secrets." - Alex Mack, "Mystery Man"

"Sometimes it's good to be not so popular." - Alex Mack, "Chemistry"

"The man I love is good and fair to his friends regardless of how uncool or how unpopular they may be."Chemistry"

"It's that chemistry thing. It's so hard to explain. Sometimes your heart tells you one thing, and your brain tells you something else, and it's usually better to trust your brain." - Annie Mack, "Chemistry"

"I'm fourteen years old; that's almost half-way to thirty. I need my own space." - Alex Mack, "A Room of Her Own"

"Being popular doesn't mean you're better than anyone else." - Alex Mack, "Twelve And a Half"

"It doesn't make sense to change who you are just to hang out with people you think are cool. You know, you just have to be yourself." - Alex Mack, "Twelve And a Half"

"Just because someone's older and you think they're cooler doesn't mean you should abandon your real friends." - Alex Mack, "Twelve And a Half"

"If we just stick together, we'll be fine." - Alex Mack, "Twelve And a Half"

"I see two worlds colliding: the old and the new. I see evil and destruction from which we will never recover. I see life as we know it ceasing to exist in a desolate future stretching out endlessly before us." - Robyn Russo
"Yeah, I guess I kind of see that too." - Louis Driscoll
"And here I was going to say it looked like a fluffy little kitty." - Alex Mack; "The Test"

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