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Peru, my country, is located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. Is a contry slightly smaller than Alaska, but with a great variety of climates. A portion of its terrain (western) is coast, the middle contains the Andes, and the last part contains a portion of the Amazonas. The official language is “Spanish” and the currency is the “sol” (1 dollar is approximately 3.4 “soles”). The main religion is “Roman Catholic”.

Its population is about 26 million people, most of them between 15-60 years old (60 percent).Peru has many traditions, customs,heroes and beautiful places like Macchu Picchu (from the Inca Culture). Here is the flag of Peru.


I hope you can see the Peru pictures section, because i will try to put there some interesting images of the different cities, customs and beautiful places.

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