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LINUX > How to RPM

What is RPM

RPM means RedHat Package Manager. In a few words is a system that controls what programs or packages you have installed in your Linux system. It was developed by Red Hat but is available in many Linux distributions. With RPM you can easily install  a program without worring about compilation an stuff like that. Also, if you want to upgrade a program version you donīt have to reinstall the old one, you just type a command to do that.

Developers of a program can use RPM to distribute their programs. They can distribute source code packages and binary packages. The source code packages (SRPM) need tools like gcc, cc, make and everything is needed to compile a program. But if you have a binary RPM Distribution life is easier because the program is already compiled and RPM System just need to install it.


Using RPM to install a package
(You must have RPM already installed in your system)

To install a package:
     rpm -i  examplepack-1.12-6.i386.rpm

To uninstall a package:
     rpm -e  examplepack

To install a package from an FTP location !!!:
     rpm -i  ftp://ftp.redhad.compub/redhat/rh-2.0-beta/RPMS/examplepack-1.12-6.i386.rpm    

To verify your system with RPM to see if any file is missing (for example your little brother erased some important files and you donīt know where) do:
     rpm -Va

If you want to Know if a file belongs to an installed RPM package you can search your entire database to find out which package owns this file, just do this :
     rpm -qf /usr/local/lib/

To obtain specific information about a rpm package just do :
     rpm -qpi example-package-1.0-12.i386.rpm

To see what files are going to be installed by a package just do :
     rpm -qpl example-package-1.0-12.i386.rpm

Using RPM to distribute a Package -Binary and Source Code

Will be ready soon.


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