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Commodore's Notes:   Too Much (almost) of a Good Thing
     Thanks for your patience waiting on the newsletter.  We wanted to wait until after the U.S. Open.  Man, am I glad the month of May is over!!  Between the S. Padre Blowout, the Bird Island Bash, the Whataburger # 3, and the U.S Open.  I’m a little tired.....  well entertained, but tired.
     First thing I want to say is thank you to all who volunteered to help at the U.S. Open.  The event clearly could not be as successful as it is without your help.  Don’t forget that all club members who volunteered will be entered into the drawing for the Whatabuger race Series prizes.  For those of you who had prior commitments, there’s still a chance.  We need help at the rest of the Whataburger races.  Come on down and help score, start, setup, etc. and get entered.  I will post a list of names in a future newsletter so that nobody is left out.  If you volunteered and I am not aware of it, and if no there are several, please let me know ASAP.  All those who helped with the Sunday night backyard BBQ, BLESS YOU!!  Sure wish I had done a better job of hiding Mary Beth’s cookies and deviled eggs.  Arlene, I didn’t get any pasta salad, but I know the U.S. Open participants and sponsors had a great time.  I might have to annex my neighbors yard next year.
     If anyone missed the Bird Island event, you blew it.  We had over 30 on-the-water participants and around 60 shrimp eaters.  I think we have the makings of a real great event.  If anyone has any suggestions, lets talk them out over the next year.  We would like to make this an annual event, but remember any event requires a commitment of time and effort.  I especially would like to thank our local shops and businesses (Cline St., Boater’s World, and Worldwinds) which contributed to our prize drawing after the event.  Remember, these folks are the ones who support us, not the mail order shops.  Keep this in mind the next time you need to purchase something.  I know my perspective has changed since I started organizing these events.
     Last and especially not least, I want to thank my wife, Pamela, for all of her work in organizing the Boy Scout tent at the U.S.Open and for the preparation for the Backyard BBQ.   I’m definitely blessed to have her.  She’s a special lady.
     See you on the water!!

A Note from EM Marketing:
Dear CCWA Members,
Thank you so much for going above and beyond for this year's U.S. Cellular U.S.  Open
Windsurfing Regatta. Community events like ours, would not be possible without the generosity of folks like you!!  I truly believe that this year's event was a success because of  your involvement. Thanks again!!!
Sincerely yours,   Elaine Motl

The article about weed fins is on the windsurfing tips page.

Editor's Puffs:    by  Roy Tansill
Things are happening far too quickly now and I need another head to remember all of the details.  There was the Blowout, then the Bash (speed check) at Bird and the invasion of the kites followed up by the US Open.  A definite editorial overload.  I missed the Blowout but got in on the fun at the speed check;  it's nice when your club throws a bash at your office.  Nick Antrobus (our secretary/treasurer) set up his ‘toll booth’ right next to the WorldWinds containers strategically positioned between event central (Pam & Chester's RV) and the eventual outdoor chow hall.  Nick was so busy taking in money and recording everyone’s speeds, I don’t think he got out on the water all day.  A major portion of all the efforts that went into making this event a pleasure to participate in were put forth by Chester (and Pam) Hulme.   The folks who just show up and enjoy the club’s activities probably don’t realize how much work goes into putting on such a successful
event;  it takes a lot of work and we all owe the Hulmes a big thanks for all the fun (and good food) we enjoyed at the Bird Island Bash.  There were several noteworthy speeds recorded both via the radar  and the speed watches.  The speed watches had problems with the slope on the weed fins, impellers were lost on most of those fins when the speed exceeded 28 mph.  Bill Jones got the highest speed of the day with a 32 mph reading on the watches; other notables were Don Cryer and Randy Yates- both were in the high 20’s when their impellers failed to return with them.  We filed a complaint with the manufacturer (but had to pay anyway).

     Despite overcast skies and a high tide, the South Padre Island Windsurfing Blowout 1999 (May 1-2) proved to be another great event.  The event drew out 60+ sailors and their families from throughout the United States.   Course racing was held on Saturday.  The wind blew a consistent 20-30 mph  throughout the day.   The course consisted of an up wind leg with a down wind slalom.  Sailors ran the course one to two times, depending on their registered class.  Sailors from the Corpus Christi area had a strong finish (See results below). By the end of the day, a total of 5 races were completed.  Notable standouts include Jennifer Racette 1st Place  Women's A, Maggy Massey 1st Place Women's B, Nancy McClain  1st Place Women's C, Hal Hamilton 1st Place Men's Masters, Chester Hulme 1st Place Men's C, Nick Antrobus 1st Place Men's Grand Masters, Steve Montuori 1st place Men's Novice and Craig Greenslit 1st   Place Men's A.  In the evening, Jake's restaurant catered a fabulous buffet of choice beef / chicken fajitas.   The atmosphere facilitated socializing and sailing tall tales.  Long distance racing was held on Sunday.  The 1.5 mile leg was held on a beam reach.  Sailors sailed the leg two to three times depending on their registered class.  Although the wind remained light (10-20 mph), it was an exciting and, at times, white knuckling experience.   Improvement in light wind gear has given promise to windsurfers who at one time were uninterested in sailing these conditions.  Here are the results:
Course Racing: (CCWA  members in blue) 
Class:   Mens A 
1st place:  Craig Greenslit 
2nd place: Guy Racette 
3rd place: Peter Nordby 
Class:  Mens B 
1st place: Kyle Krebs 
2nd place: Bryan Kerrick 
3rd place: Ray Cardino
Class: Mens C 
1st: Chester Hulme 
2nd: Dan Dexter 
3rd: Gary Collignon
Long Distance: 
Class: Womens  A 
1st place: JenniferRacette 
2nd place: Jo Fulton 
3rd place: Toni Leuthold 
Class: Womens  B
1st place: Maggy Massey
2nd place: Cathy McNise
3rd place: Tina Rush
Class: Womens  C
1st place: Nancy Mclean
2nd place: Lesly Woodruff
Class: Womens  Novice
1st place: Sarah Stephens
1st : Hal Hamilton 
2nd: Michael Johnson 
3rd: Rocky Poovy 
A fleet 
1st: Robbie Ocher 
2nd: Craig Greenslit 
3rd: Guy Racette 
B fleet: 
1st: Kyle Krebs 
2nd Bryan Kerrick 
3rd: Ray Cardino 
C fleet: 
1st: Gary Collingnon 
2nd:  John Williams 
3rd: Dan Dexter 
1st: Van Mecke 
2nd: Steve Montouri 
3rd: Ron Miller 
Slalom Race (just CCWA  members): 
1st Jennifer Racette (A) 
1st Maggy Massey (B) 
1st Nancy McClean (C) 
2nd Pam Hulme (novice) 
Mens A: 
1st Craig Greenslit
2nd Guy Racette
3rd Pete Nordby
1st Chester Hulme (C)
2nd Michael Johnson (Mast.) 
1st Nick Antrobus (G. Mast.)
1st Steve Montouri (novice)
1st Mark Frary (Imco)
Whataburger III Results:
  1st......Craig Greenslit
  2nd.....Peter Nordby
  3rd......Guy Racette 
  4th......Randy Yates 
  5th......Elong Wong 
  6th......Guy Miller
  7th......Jon Bright 
  8th......Michael Johnson 
  9th......John Cole 
  10th....Jennifer Racette 
  11th....Kyle Krebs 
  13th....Nick Antrobus 
  14th....Chester Hulme

Whataburger IV Results:      ( held during the Open)
Two races were held for the Whataburger Series during the US Open.  In what was
described by race officials as ‘miseably light winds’ a field of 18 finished two tough races.
  1st......Guy Miller 
  2nd.....Guy Racette 
  3rd......Craig Greenslit 
  4th......Elong Wong 
  5th......Peter Nordby 
  6th......Randy Yates 
  7th......Mark Franey 
  8th......Jon Bright 
  9th......Olivier Jallais 
  10th....Michael Johnson 
  11th....Barry Ritchey 
  12th....Kyle Krebs 
  14th....Jennifer Racette 
  15th....Rey Cardino 
  16th....Charles Allen 
  17th....Chester Hulme 
  18th....Ray Hutchins 
US Open final results are on the US Open page.

The article on wind forcast links has moved to the climate page.

Cartoons are on the cartoons page.

Coming Soon....
Bird Island to Causway Cruise    July 17,  1:00 PM at Bird Island Basin
Long boards or floaty short boards, all are welcome.  If you can ‘hook in’ - you can do it!
Bring: Lawnchair, Beverages & a Dish    Contact Dick or Arleen (361) 949-0232
Bird's Eye View:
Wind Peaks
  Mar, Apr, & May '99
Bird’s Eye View  By Roy Tansill
Last month’s Bird Island Bash was the best attended event of the year (so far) and those of us who were there had a great time.  This was the first of what we hope to be another long running annual CCWA event- if you missed it this year don’t miss the next one! 
     Since late April the Western Geophysical Company’s seismic exploration has been going on at Bird Island Basin.  The daily invasion of noisy air boats along with infrequent blasts of 6 pound dynamite charges has almost cleaned out the bird population.  A veritable mine field of cane stakes has also proven to be an annoyance for all sailors trying to enjoy their vacation at the National Seashore.  That sort of commercial activity certainly puts a different slant on the ecology minded talk we heard from the new park superintendent two months ago.  I’m not sure who’ll be happier to see testing end, us or the birds, and can only hope the NPS made enough money out of this deal to make up for all the inconvenience it has caused.  It certainly would  have been less an intrusion  had it been conducted during the winter. 
     The week before the US Open,  BIB was ‘invaded’ by a new winged species.  Tom James (Wind Surfing Magazine’s editor) along with Alf Imperato and native son Elliott Leboe brought their kite sailing show to town and taught 5 of the country’s best wake board riders how to get a ride from the wind.  This crew made kite sailing far more attractive than the few who have done that out at BIB in the past.  Sailing a kite is not necessarily a one way ride to the King Ranch;  in fact they  even stay upwind if the pilot is good enough.  That crew put on quite a show getting more air off the flat water than seemed possible.  Keep an eye out for an article about it in an upcoming issue of Wind Surfing Magazine. 
           Mar      Apr       May 
 1      26mph   31mph   30mph 
 2      32mph   33mph   25mph 
 3      37mph   43mph   29mph 
 4      37mph   37mph   24mph 
 5      26mph   29mph   26mph 
 6      24mph   29mph   36mph 
 7      30mph   28mph   24mph 
 8      40mph   32mph   24mph 
 9      26mph   32mph   28mph
 10     25mph   31mph   35mph
 11     24mph   20mph   21mph 
 12     32mph   20mph   52mph 
 13     38mph   35mph   20mph 
 14     33mph   36mph   26mph 
 15     22mph   31mph   33mph 
 16     38mph   26mph   31mph 
 17     41mph   22mph   31mph 
 18     31mph   23mph   63mph 
 19     21mph   29mph   21mph
 20     29mph   35mph   23mph 
 21     22mph   38mph   23mph 
 22     25mph   32mph   17mph 
 23     29mph   29mph   16mph 
 24     28mph   26mph   15mph 
 25     27mph   26mph   24mph 
 26     26mph   26mph   24mph
 27     40mph   31mph   30mph
 28     78mph   29mph   24mph
 29     23mph   22mph   21mph
 30     21mph   30mph   24mph
 31     20mph        -       22mph
#5  July 3,  Oleander Point.... Be There 
#6  July 31,  Oleander Point.... & Help Out 

Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the U.S. Open.  Last year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.

Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
Tiga 260 with 2 fins (pointer & weed) for Tiga box $200 or best offer Call Allen (316) 937-6075

‘96 F2 Axxis 258 6 months out of box, kept in bag afterward.  Nice convertible includes wave fin. 1" mar in red finish, otherwise mint condition  $525. UP 6.7, 3 cambers, very good condition.  '96 model.  $150  Call Paul at (361) 949-0690

Board trailer and contents- holds 4 boards + huge fiberglass box storage area.  Professionally built in Florida for salt water exposure (galvanized steel throughout).  Entire package includes : 2 Fanatic Ultra Cats, an Ultra Boa, and a Bic Astro Rock, all four are late 80’s/early 90’s in very good condition,  sails: ranging from 3.9 to 7.2 (3 are Gaastras) plus Chinook booms, several masts, wet suits, and other hardware and widgets.  We spent gazillions of dollars on this stuff, but I know it depreciates in value rapidly. We will consider all  reasonable offers.  We are in the Houston area, but would consider bringing everything to Corpus to show anyone who is seriously interested.We are moving and can’t take this with us. Call Karina (281) 298-2248 

Northwave: 1998 RX 9.0 Excellent shape for long or shortboard $200.  Northwave 1997 RX 6.2, 5.7, 5.2 M. $75., $65, $125.   Curtis CR-7 G-10 fin, 39 cm. $50. Various others at Cline Street, see  Oliver. All kinds of accessories Contact: racetteguyjen@msn.com

‘98 mini Bic kid’s board with 2 sails (small & smaller) $300 excellent shape Call Susana (361) 993-8870 

For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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