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Tyalie Tyelellieva translates, more or less, as "the games of the Elves who have come to perfect their music and poetry". This website and the related publications and projects are intended to encourage and assist people in learning to speak, read and write the Elvish languages.

Resources to help you learn Elvish

FAQ for the Elvish languages and alphabets

The FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions" and Answers for the Elvish languages and alphabets should be especially helpful to new students of the Elvish languages. It helps explain a lot of the most basic stuff.

Quettie or Conversational Quenya

This is a webpage which I have set up to provide information about an Elvish Language practice class. It has the first and second lessons with words and phrases in Quenya, and a pronunciation guide.

The Elvish Language Poetry Prize

This was started because I felt that there should be more Elvish poetry in the world. To that end I have instituted a prize for the best Elvish poems or other literary efforts. The complete set of rules is on this page but for a short description of the contest, read on:

Tyalie Tyelellieva, the Journal

Tyalie Tyelellieva is the printed journal that supports the Elvish Language Poetry Prize. It was begun to print poems and other literary works in the Elvish languages and to provide information on the languages to assist people in learning Elvish.

The journal includes articles by many people about Quenya, Sindarin, and the other languages of Middle-earth. It also includes artwork, especially of Tolkien's invented alphabets like the Tengwar and Cirth. And it includes articles on life in Middle-earth, often on technical subjects such as astronomy, nature and crafts as well as practice with the languages and alphabets.

Issue 18 was published December 2001 and consisted of Helge Fauskanger's analysis of the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary in Quenya. This format was different from the usual one because of the importance of this article, but we will be returning to the regular format in future issues. Back issues are available and there is a complete list of the contents of previously published issues here.

Languages, Alphabets (and Fonts) of Middle-earth

Tolkien invented several languages and alphabets and also used some real languages and alphabets for Middle-earth. Other people have created fonts for use in writing them. What follows here are some links that give more information, or where to find more information about the languages, alphabets (and fonts) that you might want to use.

List of Tolkien's Languages

includes a short description of each of Tolkien's invented languages to answer the perennial question, "How many languages did Tolkien invent?"

Tolkien's Languages: Sources of Information

This page has free or inexpensive information, mainly links to good sites on the Internet, about the Elvish languages (grammars, wordlists and the like) and software fonts (which you can download for free mostly).

Tolkien's Alphabets

Tolkien invented at least five major alphabets with many variations. I have moved the alphabet samples to a new web page which I am working on. The names of the alphabets are: the Alphabet of Rumil, the Runes of Gondolin, the Tengwar, the Cirth, of which there are many varieties, including cursive forms, and the Goblin Alphabet. I have just uploaded a very brief explanation of the tengwar numerals.

Fonts for Tolkien's Alphabets

(completely updated, 7/04) This page gives links to sites where you can download electronic fonts for several of Tolkien's invented alphabets.

Publications about the Elvish Languages

List of Unpublished and Slightly Published Manuscripts

This list provides a description of the unpublished manuscripts that are known to exist in addition to many manuscripts or texts which have been published in obscure and out of the way places (mainly fanzines or "tiny literary journals"). It gives an idea of what more is known about the languages and alphabets than has been published in mass market books and it also provides sources where the material can be ordered if it is not out of print, or maybe even if it is.

Linguistic Bibliography of J. R. R. Tolkien's Work

This list gives information about the specifically linguistic interest of each of the standard works, mainly books, published by J.R.R.Tolkien, and/or edited by Christopher Tolkien, plus a few additional works by other people that I thought were of linguistic interest. It is still slightly under construction since I hope to provide more detailed information for a few of the books.

Movie Links

For information about the Lord of the Rings movie, try these sites:

Legal Issues

And finally, here is a link to the preface for the legal opinion, which in turn links to the legal opinion on the subject of Elvish languages and alphabets.

If you like discussing Elvish, my email address is: LisaStar@earthling.net. If you send me an email, please put something in the subject line about "Elvish" or "Tyalie Tyelellieva" because I get a bunch of spam which I delete without reading, and I don't want to accidentally delete your message.

Link corrections are always appreciated.

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