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ANNOUNCEMENT: Am trying to udate this page. I've done quite a few new things in the past year and would like to put them out here. I'm considering taking on some commission work as well so please email me with your requests. I will also be painting 1:6 scale head sculpts as well. Please follow the links below to see some of the newest painted heads that I have for sale.





This item was sold on ebay. Here is more description. Only five worldwide were made--two remain as of 10-05-2009. These are for sale at a price of $600 each add shipping and handling--or best offer made

LOOK HERE for some new Indiana Jones items that I've been working on!


Custom Index

Newest Custom Figures.MOST of these figure were sold on ebay and are not available anymore but I still do have a few left. Also I'd enjoy any and all feedback you would send my way.

  My ebay auctions- Got some auctions running right now! check them out!
  Images of Custom Figures from other artists

How'd I do that? Check out my page of links to find some great tutorials from how to paint your 1:6 scale head sculpts to how to make her a sword.

How to paint an Indiana Jones Fedora (coming soon)

How to-- add sculpted hair to your 12" action figures

How to--Make a fireman, cowboy style shirt without sewing.

How to pour a resin mold

  Links--new links added 4-25-06
  Philosophies and Personal info
  Some of my Personal collection -new images in this section (3-31-04)

Please send your ideas, requests, complaints, and general ramblings to

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