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Tarifaís friendliest BBQ and bar

Bar and restaurant
If youíre in Tarifa and looking for good food and a drink in a friendly environment, then come along to Vaca Loca - the Mad Cow - and try something fresh from the barbecue. Gary buys all the meat himself every day and everything is of the highest quality. If Gary doesnít like it, it gets dropped from the menu. Thereís also a great range of drinks, including Boddingtonís bitter for those of you who would like to try (or canít live without) Manchesterís favourite beer.


Whereís Tarifa?
Tarifa is the southern most town in Europe and is renowned for itís strong winds. This has made it Europeís most famous centre for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Itís also a very attractive town, with the tiny cobbled streets of the old town which dates from the 8th century and stunning views across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco. For more information about Tarifa, click here.

How to find us
Vaca Loco is located on c/ Cervantes, a little narrow street right in the middle of the Old Town. If youíre out and about on a summer evening youíll find weíre on the popular circuit followed by the crowds of locals and visitors alike. But if you donít stumble across us, click here to look on the map for the precise location.

The menu
Itís a BBQ, so is basically pretty meaty. But there are vegetable kebabs and quiches as well. And all meals come with freshly cooked chips and / or a salad. Deserts include fresh strawberries. Click here for more details.

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