Elton John Tile Puzzle

Test your ability with this fun Elton puzzle that's sure to keep you entertained during those boring afternoons!
Elton John Crossword Puzzle I
Elton John Crossword Puzzle II

Your sure to learn something new with these Elton John crossword puzzles!
Elton John Quiz

Test your knowledge of Elton John with this little quiz!
Elton John Lyrics Game

Try the Elton John lyrics game!  How well do you know Elton and Bernie's lyrics?
Elton and Bernie Who/What/Where Match Game

Try the Elton and Bernie Who/What/Where match game!  Can you identify these people/places/things found in Elton and Bernie's lyrics?
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Hercules Elton John Trivia

Think you're an Elton John Know-It-All?? Do you call yourself the "Eltoonite"??  Test and see if you deserve that title!
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Elton John Rock 'N' Roll Crossword

How well do you know Elton's songs? Well...now you can see with this crossword puzzle from the Rock 'N' Roll Vault!  Print it out for an afternoon of fun!
Elton John Word Find Puzzle

Compete against other players online by finding as many Elton John related words in different categories (American released Singles, People) as you can!  The top 5 players will be posted for all to see and may include prizes!

Here are all the Elton John games I have come across on the Net: