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Ludwig Können-Horák Edler von Höhenkamp
Ludwig Können-Horák was born on 15 February 1861 at Hernals bei Wien. Following graduation from the gymnasium, Können-Horák joined the Militarisch Oberrealschule at Mährisch-Weißkirchen in 1879 followed by the Maria Theresia Military Academy from which he graduated in 1882; he was ranked Leutnant and placed in IR No. 18. Können-Horák attended the War School in Vienna and graduated on 1 November 1887.  He was attached to the General Staff and promoted to Oberleutnant on the 1 May 1888. He served as a staff officer for the 2. Gebirgebrigade in Trebinje until 1 May 1890. Können-Horák was promoted to Hauptmann 1. Class in the General Staff in November 1890 and to Major in November 1896. 

Können-Horák's advancements are as follows:  He was promoted to Oberstleutnant on 1 May 1900 and served in the mapping department of the General Staff.  He was promoted to Oberst on 9 December 1903, and then was appointed to command Landwehr IR No. 30 in April 1904, where he remained until July 1909. Können-Horák was then transferred to Landwehr Infantry Brigade No. 44,  where he remained until October 1911.  He was then promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant on 6 May 1913, during this time, he was attached to the staff of the XIV. Korps at Innsbruck. 

At war's start, he was the Military Commandant of Innsbruck, which lasted until Italy's declaration of war in May 1915. Then, FML Können-Horák was granted leadership of the 91. Infantry Division, thus succeeding FML Oskar Guseck Edler von Glankirchen.  This division's front was contiguous with Rayon III, covering the southern flank of the South Tirol. He remained at the head of this division until November 1915, when it was disbanded; he remained in command of Rayon III, however. On 12 November 1916, he was promoted to General der Infanterie. In August 1917, GdI Können-Horák took over control of the IX. Corps, replacing FML Ernst Edler von Kletter. Können-Horák led this force only until October, when it was disbanded.  Then, GdI Alfred Edler von Liposcak was appointed to reorganise a new IX. Corps later that month.

After this, GdI Können-Horák took the opportunity to command the XIX. Corps, which had been vacated by GdI
Ignaz Freiherr Trollmann during October 1917. The Corps was commanded by Können-Horák until July 1918, when he surrendered it to GO Pflanzer-Baltin, who renamed it Army Group Albania and led it until well after wars' end.

Ludwig Können-Horak Edler von Höhenkamp died in Vienna in 1938.

GWS, 3/02 [rev. 4/04]
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, May 1915
Immediately following Italy’s declaration of war against the Empire
Southwestern Front, Generaloberst Erzherzog Eugen
Tirol Defense Command, Gen. d. Kav.
     Rayon III (Südtirol)
         91. inf. div., Feldmlt. v. Können-Horak
                  50. hus. brig., Oberst Spiegel
                  detachment Riva. fortress detachment command, Genmj. Schiesser
                  181. inf. brig., Genmj. Englert
                  180. inf. brig., Genmj.
Edler v. Verdross
                  52. hus. brig., Oberst Edl. v. Kreschel

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, October 1915
Immediately prior to the Tirol Offensive
Landesverteidigung in Tirol, Gen. d. Inf. Roth
Rayon I (Stilfserjoch), Obst. Lempruch
Rayon II (Tonale), Genmj. Steinhart
Rayon III (Südtirol), Feldmlt. Können-Horak

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, October 1915

Immediately following Italy's Insonzo Offensives
Rayon III, Südtirol/Trentino; XCI. inf div., Feldmlt. von Können-Horak
VIII. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Fabini

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, October 1915
Immediately preceding the Tirol Offensive
Army Group Archduke Eugen, GO
Erzherzog Eugen
     Chief of Staff, Feldmlt.
Alfred Krauss
Landesverteidigungskommando in Tirol (Tirol Defense), Gen. d. Inf.
Josef Roth
     Rayon III (Südtirol), Feldmlt v. Können-Horák

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, August 1916
Immediately preceding the capture of Görz by the Italians
Army Group Erzherzog Eugen, Generaloberst Erzherzog Eugen
XI. Army, Generaloberst
Rayon III-Feldmlt. von Koennen-Horak
XXI. Korps, Feldmarschal von Lütgendorf
  Guseck Group, Feldmlt. von Guseck
  Kaiser Schützen div., Genmj. Englert

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, August 1916
II. Armee, Generaloberst
von Böhm-Ermolli
Zloczow Group, Gen. d. Inf. von Winckler
IX. K.u.K. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Koennen-Horak
   XIX. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Böltz
   XXXII. inf. div., Genmj. von Willerding
   CXCVII. Deutsch inf. div., Genlt. Wilhelmi
   XXXIII. inf. div., Genmj. von Iwanski