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Ignaz Edler von Korda
Ignaz Korda was born in Josefstadt, Bohemia, on 12 September 1858.  The following timeline summarizes Korda’s military career:

1877 Promoted to Leutnant
1877 Part of Dragoons Regiment No. 4 until 1884
1882 Promoted to Oberleutnant
1884 Part of the General Staff
1885 Part of Dragoons Regiment No. 11, teacher at the Cavalry Cadet school until
1889 Promoted to Rittmeister, 2nd Class
1892 Part of Dragoons Regiment No. 4 until 1895
1893 Promoted to Rittmeister, 1st Class
1895 Part of the General Staff until 1901
1895 Promoted to Major
1898 Promoted to Oberstleutnant
1901 Part of Hussar Regiment No. 9 until 1907
1901 Promoted to Oberst
1907 Commander of the Cavalry Brigade No. 8 until 1911
1908 Promoted to Generalmajor
1911 Commander of the Cavalry Troop Division No. 7 until 1915
1912 Promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant
1915 Commander of the XI. Corps until 1916
1915 Promoted to General der Kavallerie

During the war, the XI. Corps was taken over by FML Ignaz Edler von Korda in March 1915, after FZM
Stefan Ljubicic was dismissed.  Korda remained in this position until July 1916, when the disastrous situation on the Russian Front required his removal.  Korda was replaced by FML Hugo Edler von Habermann.

GWS, 3/01 [rev. 12/02]
Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, August 1914
Army Group Kummer, GdK Rittmeister Kummer v. Falkenfeld
         7. kav. div., FML v. Korda

Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, January 1915

Army Group Woyrsch, GdK  Remus v. Woyrsch
Öst. 2. Armee, GdK
v. Böhm-Ermolli
       Öst. XII. Korps, GdI
Kövess v. Kövesshaza
            7. kav. div., Feldmlt. v. Korda

Orders of Battle:  Eastern Front, May 1915
Immediately preceding the Dunajec offensive
7. Armee, GdK 
Frh. v. Pflanzer-Baltin
   XI. Korps, FML Edl. v. Korda
   Chief of Staff, Obstlt. Frh. v. Senarclens
       42. Honvéd inf. div., GM Stracker
                83. Honvéd inf. brig., Obst v. Pillepic
                84. Honvéd inf. brig., Obst v. Petkovic
        5. Honvéd kav. div., GM Frh. v. Apor
                19. Honvéd kav. brig., Obst v. Jony
                23. Honvéd kav. brig., Obst Gf. Lubienski
        6. kav. div., GM Edl. v. Schwer
              5. kav. brig., Obst Leitner
              14. kav. brig., Obst Edl. v. Rettich
        Brigade Obstlt. Papp
        Brigade Obst Schnitzle

Orders of Battle:  Podolian Front, September 1915

7. Armee, GdK
von Pflanzer-Baltin
    XI. Korps, GdK von Korda
       42. Honved inf. div., FML Lipocsak
       Polish Legion, 2. brigade, Obst Küttner

Orders of Battle:  Bukowina, 15 December 1915
Immediately preceding the winter battles for Czernowitz
7. Armee, GdK
Karl Freiherr v. Pflanzer-Baltin
     XI. Korps, GdK Korda
        42 HID, FLM Liposcak

Orders of Battle:  Podolian Front, June 1916

7. Armee, GO
   XI. Korps, GdK von Korda
      5. inf. div., FML von Habermann
      40.  inf. div., GM
      24. inf. div., FML Urbarz

Korda’s XI. Corps practically ceased to exist after the last week of June, 1916.  General Lechitski’s tardy yet cunning offensive followed Kaledin's 8th Army's successful thrust against Lutsk in the first week of June.  All was part of the Brusilov Offensive.  In this offensive, many more of Korda’s troops were captured than killed or wounded, for the Russians bypassed strong points and seized communications from the sides, compelling whole battalions to simply throw down their weapons and surrender. Because of this, FML Hugo Edler von Habermann, leader of the 5. inf. div., was given command of what was left of the XI. Corps in the first days of July, 1916.  It was reformed with reserves, such as a cavalry division that had lost all of its horses and was forced to fight on foot.

GWS, 9/03 [rev. 7/05]