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Alfred Edler von Schenk
Alfred Schenk was born on 5 July 1863 in Laibach, Carniola.  The following timeline summarizes his career:

July 1880      21. Infantry Regiment
May 1884     91. Infantry Regiment, Leutnant
Nov. 1888     Promoted to Oberleutnant
Nov. 1889     9. Infantry Brigade, Staff
May 1892      Promoted to Hautpmann
Nov. 1892      2. Gebirgebrigade, Staff
April 1895      XII. Armee Korps, Staff
May 1895      Russian Language Course, Kazan
May 1896      Intelligence Bureau position, General Staff
Nov. 1898      Promoted to Major
Nov. 1898      Chief of Staff of 16. Infantry
May 1902      Promoted to Oberstleutnant
May 1902      1. Bosnian Infantry Regiment, Staff
Nov. 1905      Promoted to  Oberst
April 1907      1. Bosnian Infantry Regiment, Commander
Feb. 1911       Assumed title “Edler von”
May 1911       Promoted to Generalmajor
Feb. 1914      Commands 97. Infantry Brigade
August 1914   Commands 15. Infantry Division
Nov. 1914      Promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant
May 1915      Commands 9. Infantry Division
June 1916      Sector IIIb Commander, Isonzo Front
August 1916  Gruppe Schenk formed
Nov. 1916     Renamed XXIII. Armee Korps
June 1917     Commands XIII. Armee Korps
Feb. 1918      Promoted to General der Infanterie
Feb. 1918     Commands IX. Armee Korps
Nov. 1918     Military Governor of Agram
Jan. 1919      Retired

Alfred Edler von Schenk died on the 12th of October 1952 in Vienna.

GWS, 11/04
Orders of Battle: Northern Front in January 1915
Immediately preceding the Battles for the Carpathians
Armee Woyrsch, GO
Remus v. Woyrsch
4. Armee, GdI
Erzherzog Josef Ferdinand
    XI. Korps, FZM
Stefan v. Ljubicic
        15. inf. div., FML Alfred v. Schenk

Orders of Battle: Eastern Front, September 1915
At the end of the Summer Offensive against Russia
1. Armee, FZM
v. Puhallo
    I. Korps, GdK
Karl v. Kirchbach
        9. inf. div., FML v. Schenk

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, August 1916
Immediately preceding the capture of Görz by the Italians
Army Group Erzherzog Eugen, GO
Erzherzog Eugen
5. Armee, GO
Boroevic von Bojna
    VIII. Korps, GdK
Erzherzog Josef
        9. inf. div., FML v. Schenk

Orders of Battle: Eastern Front, mid-July 1917
At the opening of the Kerensky Offensive
Prinz Leopold von Bayern Front, Generalfeldmarschal
Prinz Leopold
Böhm-Ermolli Group, GdI
v. Böhm-Ermolli
3. Armee, GO
v. Tersztyánszky
    XIII. Korps, FML v. Schenk
         42. honved inf. div., GM Mihaljevic
         36. inf. div., GM Nöhring