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Aloys Fürst von Schönburg-Hartenstein
It's Good to Be the Prince!

Prince Aloys von Schönburg-Hartenstein was born on 21 November 1858 in Karlsruhe, Baden. At the start of the war, he was ranked as a Generalmajor, in command of the XI. Machinegun Brigade in the XXX. Infantry Division of Feldmarschlleutnant Julis Kaiser. This was part of the IX. Corps of General Desiderius Koloszvary in the  III. Army of General Brudermann.

FML von Schönburg-Hartenstein was given command of the 6. Infantry Division in January 1915, replacing FML Karl Gelb Edler von Siegesstern.  He led this force until July 1916, when he was replaced by GM Rudolf Müller.  Then GdK Schönburg-Hartenstein replaced
Archduke Karl as commander of the XX. Corps in that month and he maintained this role until January 1917.  Then Schönburg was given the task of organising a new XIV. Corps in January, building it out of remnants of the XX. Corps.  The new XIV. Corps was popularly called the Edelweiss Corps.  He led this force until August, when he was replaced by GdI Hugo Martiny von Malastow. He had done so well with the XIV. Corps, that Schönburg was then appointed to reorganise the Corps formerly commanded by GdI Theodor von Hordt. 

By the time of the Caporetto Offensive, Schönburg-Hartenstein was ranked GdK in charge of the IV. Corps (formerly Hordt's) and Schönburg led it until January 1918, when it was taken over by FML Josef Hrozny Edler von Bojemil.  This was a temporary sucsession; for in March, Schönburg returned to command his IV. Corps, taking over from FML Theodor Bekic von Bovic (who had meantime replaced Hrozny) and he remained in this capacity until July.  He was succeeded by FZM
Arpád Tamásy von Fogaras. The Prince assumed command of the VI. Army on 15 July 1918, taking over for the Archduke Josef. Schönburg-Hartenstein was elevated to the rank of Generaloberst on 1 November 1918, as the Italian Front was collapsing as fast as the Empire.  He died on 21 September 1944 in Hartenstein, Germany.

GWS, 2/01
Orders of Battle:  Eastern Front, May 1915
Immediately preceding the Dunajec offensive
VII. Armee, Gen. d. Kav. Frh. v. Pflanzer-Baltin
   XIII. Korps, Gen. d. Inf.
Frh. v. Rhemen
       6. inf. div., Feldmlt. Fürst Schönburg
               11. inf. brig., Genmj. v. Stöhr
               12. inf. brig., Oberst Rudolf Müller
               6. field art. brig., Genmj.
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, March 1916
Immediately preceding the Tirol Offensive
V. Armee,
General der Infanterie Boroevic von Bojna
     Support:  III. Korps, Feldmarschalleutnant
von Krautwald
          VI. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Schönburg-Hartenstein
Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, 15 May 1916
mmediately preceding the offensive against Italy
Army Group Archduke Eugen, GO Archduke Eugen
     Chief of Staff, Feldmlt.
Alfred Krauss
     III. Korps, Feldmlt.
Ritter v. Krautwald
          6. Inf. Div., Feldmlt. Fst. V. Schönburg-Hartenstein
          22. Schützen Div., Genmj. Edler v. Kochanowski
          28. Inf. Div., Feldmlt.
Schneider v. Manns-Au
Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, August 1916
Immediately preceding Roumania's declaration of war against Austria-Hungary
Army Group Erzherzog Eugen,
Generaloberst Erzherzog Eugen
XI. Army, Generaloberst
     Rayon III:  Feldmlt.
von Koennen-Korak
     XX. Korps, Feldmlt. Schönburg-Hartenstein
          III. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Horzetzky
          VIII. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Fabini
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, November 1917
Immediately preceding the Caporetto Offensive
Boroevic Armee Group,
Generaloberst Boroevic von Bojna
II. Isonzo Armee, Gen. d. Inf.
von Henriquez
     IV. Korps, Gen. d. Kav., Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein
          XLIII. Schützen div., Feldmlt.
          XX. Honved inf. div., Genmj.
von Lukacic
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, June 1918
Immediately preceding the Piave Offensive
Boroevic Army Group,
Feldmarchal Boroevic von Bojna
Isonzo Army, Generaloberst
von Wurm
     IV. Korps, Gen. d. Kav. Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein
          LXIV. Honved inf. div.,  Feldmlt. von Seide
          LXX. Honved inf. div., Feldmlt.
von Berzeviczy
          XXIX. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Steiger
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, October 1918
Immediately preceding the Battle of Vittorio Veneto
Boroevic Army Group,
Feldmarchal Boroevic von Bojna
VI. Armee, Gen. d. Kav. Schönburg-Hartenstein
     II. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Krauss
          XXXI. inf. div., Feldmlt. Lieb
          XXV. inf. div., Genmj. Werz von Ostenkampf
          XI. Honved kav. div., Genmj. Jony de Jamnik
          XII. Schützen kav. div., Genmj. Karapancza von Kraina
     XXIV. Korps, Gen. d. Inf.
Hadfy von Livno
          XLI. Honved inf. div., Feldmlt.
Schamschula von Simontornya
          LI. Honved inf. div., Genmj. Daubner
     Army res., X. inf. div., Feldmlt. Watterich von Watterichsburg
          XLIII. Schützen div., Feldmlt. von Stöhr
          XXXIV. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Luxardo