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This is the closest thing to the ultimate "speed machine" for a macadam race track under a mile in size.  Yet it is affordable, safe, raceable, and repairable.

If you've never experienced supermodified racing before, and you like speed along with close competition, you owe it to yourself to see a race!
#97 Vern Lafave
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Vern Lafave
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The backbone of the supermodified is a narrow frame made of high-strength steel with just enough  room between the frame rails for a driver to slip into.  A 467-cubic inch fuel-injected Chevy big block hangs off the left side of the car as does the driveline and rear end for increased cornering capabilities.  The aluminum bodywork attaches to the frame and takes on an aerodynamic shape to allow for rapid acceleration on the straightaways and downforce in the corners.  Add 17" wide racing tires and you've got an 1800lb "rocket" called a supermodified.  The complete super costs approximately $50k and with an experienced driver will reach speeds nearing 150 mph on the 5/8 oval.
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