Frame:  High-strength seamless steel tubing.

Length:  174" maximum

Width:  86" maximum

Height:  Maximum 36" (excluding rollcage)

Weight:  1800lbs minimum without driver; maximum 67% left side weight.  Engine, driveshaft and rear end housing are offset approx. 17" to left of center.

Body:  Aluminum sheet metal attached directly to frame.

Tires:  Hoosier Racing Tires ranging in size from 11" (left front) to 17" (right rear) costing from $125.00 to $150.00 each.

Engine:  Chevrolet cast-iron big block-470 cubic inches maximum.  Must have standard stroke configuration, steel crankshift and rods.

Horsepower:  800+hp at 7100RPM

Engine cost: $18,000 to $28,000.

Fuel:  Methanol, distributed to engine through fuel injection system.

Transmission:  None!! The driveshaft connects directly to rear end. To start, rear end gears are engaged and car is pushed by truck.

Suspension:  Several different systems are used including: front leaf spring/rear torsion bar; 4-corner torsion bar; cantilever and coil-over.

Speed: High 16 sec. to low 17 sec. lap times.  150mph  in straightways;  120mph corners.  Supermodifieds are capable of speeds over 175mph.

Total Cost:  In excess of $50,000.
Supermodified Car Facts
#97 Specs:

Chassis:  Amrstrong/Johnson

Year built:  1988

Engine:  Finger Lakes Machine, 467 BB Chevy

Suspension:  4 Bar Torsion