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    Hi Wanderer and Welcome to my little corner of the Web.

This page was created on the 1st of July 1997 and it's updated whenever I find the time.

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If you arrived here following a link from another page (and that's likely, since that's how the web normally works), then you already know or expect what to find in my homepage. However, for those of you unexperienced netsurfers who lost in Cyberspace and stumbled upon this site with no clues about what Role Playing Games or Mystara are, then let me introduce you to the wondrous world of Mystara.

And remember: there can be nothing without love...


    Once upon a long ago, there was a man who liked to dream and played with his imagination. He created endless wastes of fields and woods and mountains, great continents surrounded by deep and murky oceans, bright azure skies crossed by lazy clouds and marvelous birds. In this world, myriads of animals and other fantastic creatures dwelt in the woods, in the mountains and everywhere nature could give them shelter and food. Alongside animals there lived also men and other races of intelligent beings: slim and graced elves, stout and gruffy dwarves, merry and friendly halflings and the mysterious and beautiful fairies.

    But in the dark of crypts and caves, of woods and ruins, the monsters lurked, hungry for meat and richness and power and driven by the darkest thoughts and spirits. And so it came, that the Shadow lurked out of its hideout and seeked to control the world and to cast its yoke upon the animals, the fantastic creatures of nature and the intelligent beings. But the world was not without brave men, and so the Great War between Good and Evil began: Heroes of Light against Fiends of Darkness...
The war is still being fought, and now it's up to you to join it or to remain a passive beholder, waiting for the things to happen without influencing them...


    This is Fantasy, but above all this is a Game (you might call it the game of life though). Role Playing is what this game is called, and our Role Playing Game bears the name of Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D for the intimate ones). The man who invented it, the one who created the universe of the game (called campaign) is E. Gary Gygax, but he couldn't have done it without the help of friends and collaborators who shared his dream and supported him all the way long, in particular the great Dave Arneson, Frank Mentzer, Aaron Allston, and Bruce A. Heard.
Kudos to them and to all the people who worked to bring D&D to life and to keep Mystara (D&D First World) alive thru the good and bad times.

    Mystara died in 1995 because TSR, the publishing house that "owned" it, decided to "close the line", not to feed it anymore (metaphorically speaking). As you can see, not all the fairy tales have a happy ending...

    Yet the Greater Powers couldn't allow this ominous act to pass unnoticed, and so they intervened to save Mystara from an eternity of darkness and grief. Through complicate surgical operations and obscure magical enchantments Mystara was finally raised back and put into a state of suspended animation in a safe place where the Grim Reaper could not reach it: the endless swirling chaos known only as Cyberspace.
Today Mystara still lives there, her body floating into an ocean of flickers and words, drifting along with the virtual currents and awaiting the time of her final Resurrection...

    A small group of people known as the List constantly guards and protects Mystara from any danger, feeding her with their dreams and keeping her company during her slumber. They are the ultimate Defenders of Mystara, and they know they must not fear, for the time of the Coming is drawing nearer every day.
And at the end, we will all see again the sweet smile of our beloved Mystara shine upon us...

Marco Dalmonte


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