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The Official Site of the LaPorte High School Band
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(Since November 12, 1997. Before then, this site recorded 850 visitors since its creation in November, 1996.)
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Hi! I am David Hughes, a member of the Class of 1999 at LaPorte High School. During my time at LPHS, I pretty much participated in the band program, and not much else. From my sophomore year on, I maintained this website as a "store house" of online information regarding the LPHS Band. However, I have such since graduated, and am attending Northwestern University, studying horn with Gail Williams. here.

To the LPHS musicians who were selected for the 1999 IMEA All State Orchestra. Participants are Ian and Aleta Przbylinski, violin, David Hughes, horn, and Brett Jagger, trumpet. The orchestra will play at the IMEA convention in January.
To the LPHS musicians who participated in the 1998 IBA All-State Band at Butler University last March. Participants will be David Hughes , 1st horn, All State Honor Band, and Regina Dure, 1st clarinet, All State Band. Members of the 1999 All State band were David Hughes, horn, and Robert Elliot, Clarinet. Members of the 1997 All State Band included David Hughes, Horn, Regina Dure, Clarinet, Jessica Kidwell, Alto Saxophone.
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