Tristan's Trumpet and Music Composition Page

Tristan's Trumpet and Music Composition Page

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I have recently added music compostion to this page, because it has become a large part of my life. I spend much of my free time writing music with NoteWorthy Composer. The piece playing at the bottom is one of my best pieces, called Requiem, 1999 Tristan Rhodes. I need and would love all comments and criticism. Thank you. Tris

Tristan Rhodes - Musician/Academician

This page will tell you a little about who I am, because I know all you cute women out there want to know! ;)

Trumpet Discussions...

Here you can read what others have posted, and reply to your fellow trumpeters in need. Or if you are in need you can post your problems here.

Please take the time and fill out my trumpet related survey. Click here to take the survey.

Here you can see a few of the results from my survey.

Range! - If you think you have a good range, then listen to this guy! Marc Van Cleave
He plays arpeggios from low C to quadruple high C! And no, that's not a whistle.
Sounds! - Here I have a small collection of MIDI files. There is music from movies, new age, and also Classical!

Awards! - Some cool people actually liked my page, and presented me with their awards. Let me see, let me see!

I have no idea what to put on this trumpet page past this point. I would like your thoughts and comments on how to make this a useful page to trumpeters.

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Other things I do when I'm not practicing, performing, or sleeping!

If you would like me to add a link to a trumpet page, then just ask and I shall consider it. Thank you. :) Send Me E-Mail!

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