Vienna 1579 (22 February 2001) [F. Frog]

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Vienna 1579

John H.McCloskey || || 393 Broadway #14 || Cambridge MA 02139
We'll talk later, if you like, but the dispensing of freebies has to come first:
Download or Describe Verbiage for Windows (c. 140Kb).
Download or Describe Fugue/Counterpoint MIDI Archive (c. 450Kb).
Secondly, ideology and editorials (also free, for who would pay?):
The Home Away From Home Page
Bufonis Ordo Gemmati
Socialist Endowment for Clinton Studies
The Rise of Clashism
Transliteratio Arabico-Persica

Next some old business: the "Catholic Traditional Site" has moved to
Please make a note of it.

And now, perhaps, we may begin....

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