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Here you will find links to viola-related web sites, tidbits of information about the viola and famous violists (especially William Primrose or Lionel Tertis). Feel free to send me any information you would like to see included on this page, or suggestions for how I can improve it. Thanks for visiting and check back every few days to see what has been added!

Viola-related links:

American Viola Society

Canadian Viola Society

The Viola Web Site (a bit out of date, but has a decent store and links)

Viola Jokes

Some Viola facts:

Viola (Italian, English, Spanish), Alto or Taille (French), Bratsche(German):
Bowed 4-string instrument, sometimes known as alto or tenor because of its lower pitch compared with violin, to which it is closely related. Tuned to c, g, d', a'. Viola section standard in all orchestras. One viola is standard component of string quartet. Also used as solo instrument, several concertos and concerto-type works have been written for it. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music)

The viola was a direct descendant of the Viola da Braccio (arm viol), first referernced in 1543 describing a string instrument played on the arm. This also included the rebec, Renaissance fiddle and lira da braccio.

Some Violist facts:

Primrose, William (b. Scotland 1903, d. USA 1982):

Tertis, Lionel (b. West Hartlepool 1876, d. Wimbledon 1975):

Personal stuff:

I am a systems analyst/project leader/database administrator by trade, but a musician at heart.

I was a music student at Indiana University, studying viola with Jeorges Janzer and attending master classes by Abraham Skernick and Joseph Gingold. I also studied viola with Donna Lively Clark at Butler University and John Graham at SUNY Stony Brook. I picked Vienna 1672 for my GeoCities address because my viola is a 1672 Stradivarius (model) made by William Whedbee in 1984.

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