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Ivy's Homepage

Welcome to my world of music!

This Page is still under major construction

Harlow person!(well you have to be one right?)Nope this is not any old boring website....this is...*drumroll*....Ivy's Homepage. Okay, spaz right? Well since you're here, you might as well just carry on reading and view everything here. There will not be a counter, because for my last homepage, the counter kept clicking and clicking and guess was the one visiting the page? ME!!!

This page used to be my lousiest homepage, but now I'm back to spice it up, armed with about half a year's ( now it's a year and a half) worth of HTML knowledge and the ability to ftp my images!!!!

Well I guess I shall introduce myself now. I'm Ivy, and I am a pretty ordinary child , 14 years of age...of average size. I currently reside in Singapore, a lovely little island at the tip of the Malay Peninsular but the weather sure is erratic, and I hate the haze!!! I study at Raffles Girls' School, which is currently one of the top schools in Singapore. My ECAs are choir....which I absolutely lurve....and the Tribune,which happens to be the school newsletter, I do layout for them and write, now i write more than I do layout for I prefer writing. As for choir, I sing....well duh! And I enjoy it immensely.Apart from that I also sing in the Singapore Youth Choir. Well,I won't waste my page space so if you really wanna know me better...click zis!I'll tell you about my lurves, my crazes..etc.

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Ackonwledgements: Thanks to Kitty Roach and Jpayne for their images.And to all those who contributed to this page one way or the other. And to God who created me an gave me the ability to create this page.
This page is dedicated to all who know me, care for me, lurve me....

Music Bar by (c)Kitty Roach

Singing Turtle by (c) Kitty Roach

Animated Welcome Sign by (c)JPayne 1996

Coming Soon bar by (c)JPayne 1996

Background by (c)JPayne 1996

Duck by (c)JPayne 1996

Vine bar by JPayne 1996

Sleeping Snail by (c)Kitty Roach

1996Send me mail at ivytree@pacific.net.sg if you like..=)

This page was recreated by Ivy on the 19th of December 1996
The owner, that's Me takes no responsibility if anything happens to your computer when you view this page. No bugs were planted here.

Signing off for now!!!!!

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