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The Capitol of Warmia

Hi, welcome to my home page - Lidzbark Warminski, the place where I was born. My name is Henryk Chrostek and I live now in Los Angeles in Southern California. I had been living in Lidzbark Warminski for 23 years. I love this little town hidden in a beautiful North-East part of Poland called Mazury - the coutnry of 1000+1 lakes. Lidzbark Warminski is a very old town. It was on the map of Europe in about 996. It received its City Title in 1308 from the Polish King Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk. There are many structures built in middle ages. The greatest treasures of my town are XV century castle, church and fortifications. This is just an introduction to my home town. I from Los Angeles and my friend Al from Hamburg, Germany, together we will build and maintain this home page for our town. Al was also born in Lidzbark Warminski. Please, take in account that this page is under construction. It will take some time for us to learn html and java script, but please be patient and contact us - especially if you are from Lidzbark Warminski - please join our club. Before II World War the city was called Heilsberg, if somebody who lives now in Germany was born in Heilsberg and can share with us some stories, pictures please do it, you are very welcome. Henryk Chrostek Los Angeles, November 22, 1996 Please write to me at: ah872@lafn.org

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Lidzbark Warminski

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